Make your own: Glee slushie

If I don& get Slushied before I die I am going to feel like such a bad Gleek. Then again I& pretty sure lots of people wanna throw ice at my face.

Jane Lynch

Getting up close with Jane Lynch can be daunting. I was a little nervous because alter-ego Sue Sylvester can be very mean. She was very pumped about GLEE coming

A day on the set of Glee

A day on the set of Glee

Britney and Brittany

How did I get hooked on Glee? Why, I heard Britney Spears was in an episode and had to watch!

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Love Glee, and Santana is probably my favorite character right now.

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Which Glee Character Are You? Take this quiz and find out.

Which Glee Character Are You?

GLEE Calling all Gleeks! Join the Glee Club and see if you’ve got what it takes to make it all the way to Regionals. Learn exciting Broadway Jazz and modern

#Lunchbox a la #GLEE ! Grilled Cheesus #Bento

Kidlet and I are big Glee fans. Our love of singing, dancing, and being wildly over-dramatic fits well with the show :P For those not aware,.

O que  dizer de uma série que  eu simplesmente   adoooro!?    Série musical de muito sucesso nos dias de hoje, conta   a vida de um  grupo de estudantes do ensino medio, menbros do  coral Glee, que enfrentam os seus  medos e acreditam que  a musica é sua  vida.

GLEE is one of the most popular tv shows in today's time. Almost everyone wants to be apart of the Glee Club

4- What's a trait that you possess that you or others use to define you? Use that trait as a large title on your layout 2pts

Chicken Francese – Lightened Up

4 eyes Brown Eyes Nose "Trouty Mouth" I'm with "Stoopid" OCD No Weave Butt Chin "Lebanese" Likes Boys Can't Sing "Lucy Caboosey" Bad Attitude I'm with stupid Can't Dance


Planning a Glee Birthday Party? If so then these Big Quench Glee Cupcakes would be a perfect addition and they are super easy to make. If you are a Gleek then