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A primer on radioactive fallout.

Security Glass Film. This makes it more difficult to break glass. It can even stop bullets under certain circumstances. And after a would be burglar fails to get through a window that just won't break, they may give up and go elsewhere.

The Prepper Website


Are You Prepared / No Power

How to Make and Use the Solar Funnel Cooker

How to get online If the government shuts down the internet.

OR company. These are recycled 55 gallon food grade plastic barrels. These barrels are $55 each. The diverter is $20. Buy them together for $70. I have hunter green, blue or white barrels available. I can install them too for a small fee. CCB#195145. gradybarrels.com 541-554-675three Patrick

Delco, US Military, Insulated 5 Gallon Water Can Carrier

DIY Survival PVC Bow

CHECK IT OUT! Door to an underground storm shelter/panic room/secret hid out in the kitchen island! Best secret passage ever!! Definitely a dream home feature! (would also be good if someone broke into your house and you had to hide somewhere)

Black and yellow salves are sometimes referred to as botanical surgery. The salve is a thick paste made of native American herbs, with the main herbal component being the blood root. The salves are applied topically over areas of diagnosed or suspected malignancy, and they are selective in their action so they will only “go after” neoplastic (cancerous) tissue, though healthy tissue may become slightly reddened and mildly irritated when the black salve is applied.

How to dehydrate your own food! One of several tips: Sauces are the best to practice dehydrating with. One jar of spaghetti sauce placed in the dehydrator or oven is reduced to a thin slice of what looks like fruit leather. Once at camp, place a small amount of the dried sauce in (½ cup) of boiling water and it turns right back into the original spaghetti sauce.

WILDCRAFTING; using plants from the wild just as they grow in nature. This is a great site to identify edible weeds and their uses. US-centric.

Best Way to Stop Bleeding | Modern Self Protection


Best Made

Survival Law of Threes – Part Three – Obtaining Food

DIY Uses for Rubber Bands

DIY Uses for Nail Polish

DIY Uses for Tape

DIY Uses for Cornstarch

DIY Uses for Hand Lotion