Personalized dog collars - No jingling tags. Such a good idea!

Metal Engraved Personalized Dog Collar -- Get rid of the jingling tags! Ruby doesn't even wear her collar at home because her tags annoy me, so I definitely have to get this!

OK, I like this!  A built-in dog crate for Beau.

20 Fun House Design Ideas for Your Pets. My favorite house design ideas for your pets. Pet shower, built-in dog and cat beds, cat-walk, built-in dog kennel.

Boykins - beautiful! So sweet and loving. We are in love with our puppy, "Beau"!

This will be my next canine baby. Such beautiful sweet dogs :) need this pup!

The South Carolina State Dog..."The Boykin Spaniel"

The South Carolina State Dog."The Boykin Spaniel." There is a nationwide Boykin Spaniel Rescue.