Bear asked Sophie why they rowed past Moon every night. Sophie said she was afraid of Dreams but felt safe under the light of heaven. Bear replied "How could you not feel safe? You have a Friend Forever who is great, boat-rowing Bear.

Eugenia Loli

Gold Digging Canvas Print by Eugenia Loli is absolutely hilarious!

Towards The Within. #collageart

Ayham Jabris a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, specializing in digital collage and analog collage.

Dirt road Art Print by Steven Quinn | Society6

Pixel #2 iPhone Case

Collage Collective Co — @ehscapist #collageart #collageartist...

Collage swimming and galaxies and stars


“ Field Day: Descent by Kevin Dowd ”

Rui Pinho

Rare photography, Black and white photography, Noir photo, Music photo

"Prying" -ohfajar on instagam

eadaoin - nostalgia/ connection "Prying" -ohfajar on instagam

Point de vue 4

Jon Nelson- The focal point is the flamingo, and the artist makes it the focal…

We Used To Live There Art Print

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Joe Webb  - Stirring Up A Storm

Joe Webb, Stirring Up A Storm, Original Collage Courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London

@frecklefahce // 'modern life is rubbish'

putting out a cigarette photography swag dope smoke vintage landscape fresh fire explosion desert plane trill vertical black smoke.

So that's where snow comes from...

This example of photomontage is interesting because it combines a mountain range with a vintage photo of a little boy with whipped cream. It is a light hearted image and pairs well with the light nature of the whipped cream.

The wonderfully weird collages of California based artist Eugenia Loli.

eugenia loli (The Jealous Curator)

Eugenia Loli Collage - Omega-3

Face collage fish Very funny compex design. Colors pop really well againt the greyscale woman. Adds alot of emphasis on the fish

just absurd

This image is partly effective. It shows a bird with a tea cup being held by human arms. The arms could have been blended more if the sleeves of the jacket on the persons arms were the same color as the birds chest so its not as obvious

Allez hop =====} au boulot !   C'est fini les vacances, bonne rentrée à tous !!!

by Eugenia Loli art, woman vacuum cleaning city sidewalks, beaches, OCD

и отдашь голодному душу твою и напитаешь душу страдальца: тогда свет твой взойдет во тьме, и мрак твой будет как полдень

Women first began to work out with weights. Two cheerful ladies work out in their street clothes in a photograph c. 1910 by Willis T.

Artist unknown: I love this because its all pieces that seem so real and they use other pictures to create a whole picture

This series of collages, titled “Natural Act” is the work of Istanbul artist Merve Özaslan. What a fun, gorgeous reminder that all of us, even the big city dwellers, are in fact part of nature!

Maker...kitsch,cute and whimsical print of a girl blowing planets like bubbles from a pipe to create the solar system surreal but simple

kitsch,cute and whimsical print of a girl blowing planets like bubbles from a pipe to create the solar system surreal but simple eugenia loli