Peanut Butter Football Dip.

Peanut Butter Football Dip ~ Can't wait to make this for a super bowl party! Mini chocolate chips would be a great alternative to the chocolate sprinkles.looks yummy!

Tie rubber bands around a paint roller over a different color for an awesome patterned effect!

Tie yarn around a paint roller for an awesome effect.first paint a base color with plain roller.then pick another great color and go over it with the yarn roller !

Easy enough and not toxic.  Make Your Own At Home- Weed Killer - would it be wrong to spray a few gallons of this on the abandoned yard behind ours?

Weed killer- Vinegar, Salt and Dawn. I made a batch of this today and within hours the weeds were dead. It really worked. I am thrilled, because it is cheap, natural and easy - Beautiful Yards Today

Modern vintage fridges! I want one so badly

Vintage-inspired refrigerators by Portobello Street. They wrap modern refrigerators with wood panels, round grill vents and metal hardware to give them the appearance of vintage pieces of furniture.