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laetitia casta - Laetitia Marie Laure Casta (born 11 May is a French actress and model. Casta became a "GUESS? Girl" in 1993 and gained further recognition as a Victoria's Secret Angel from 1998 to 2000 and as a spokesperson for cosmetics company L'Oreal.


A pop culture robot mashup t-shirt by DiJay. "Working Day" features Wall-E, Iron Man, RoboCop, Bender Marvin the Paranoid Android and Mazinger-Z.

#wtf shoes

Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young have again created an amazingly creative and stunning work of art. The Fantich & Young tooth soled Oxford shoes are fucking beautiful. I wish these were for sale, and also in miniature lady size.

Way to go!

Interesting Idea on cutting the grass and exercise at same time. Not that cutting the grass isn't exercise enough. An improved riding lawn mower! This is how the riding lawn mower should be