PowerPoint Business Analysis

Business Analysis PowerPoint slides support you to identify and present business needs and the solutions to business problems. Show for example with a Szenario Analysis possible future events by considering alternative possible outcomes or use Porter’s Five Forces Analysis to derive five forces that determine the competitive intensity of a market. Use these slides to present your analyses in a clear and easily understandable manner and convince your audience of your professionalism.
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Have you already tried to visualize your scenario analysis by making use of our Scenario Funnel Template for PowerPoint? Download now at http://www.charteo.com/en/PowerPoint/Marketing-Business-Charts/Business-Analysis/Scenario-Analysis-9-german.html

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Use our Scenario Analysis Cycle containing various steps such as problem analysis, effects analysis, trend exploration, scenario development and evaluation of the scenario. Download now at http://www.charteo.com/en/PowerPoint/Marketing-Business-Charts/Business-Analysis/Scenario-Analysis-3-german.html

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Utilize this template to comprehensively illustrate Porter's Five Forces (Suppliers, Buyers, New Entrants, Substitutes, Rivalry). Download now at http://www.charteo.com/en/PowerPoint/Marketing-Business-Charts/Business-Analysis/Porter-s-Five-Forces-Analysis-69-german.html

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Visualize Porter's Five Forces that influence business by making use of this analysis template for PowerPoint. Download now at http://www.charteo.com/en/PowerPoint/Marketing-Business-Charts/Business-Analysis/Porter-s-Five-Forces-Analysis-1-german.html

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Visualize Porter's Five Forces that influence business by making use of this analysis template for PowerPoint. Download now at http://www.charteo.com/en/PowerPoint/Marketing-Business-Charts/Business-Analysis/Porter-s-Five-Forces-Analysis-89-german.html

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Display your company's current situation and compare two different future scenarios by making use of our modern Scenario Analysis template. Download now at http://www.charteo.com/en/PowerPoint/Marketing-Business-Charts/Business-Analysis/Scenario-Analysis-23-german.html

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Have you already tried our Scenario Funnel for strategic planning? Present business data in a visually attractive and comprehensive way and make use of this professionally designed PowerPoint template. Download now at http://www.charteo.com/en/PowerPoint/Marketing-Business-Charts/Business-Analysis/Scenario-Analysis-1-german.html

Visualize the main opportunities, main risks, the strategic approaches to finding solutions and the proposals to implement by making use of our Scenario Analysis Template. Download now at http://www.charteo.com/en/PowerPoint/Marketing-Business-Charts/Business-Analysis/Scenario-Analysis-7-german.html

Visualize Porter's Five forces (Supplier Power, Threat of New Entrants, Buyer Power, Threat of Substitution, Competitive Rivalry) in a clear way. Download now at http://www.charteo.com/en/PowerPoint/Marketing-Business-Charts/Business-Analysis/Porter-s-Five-Forces-Analysis-35-german.html

Present visions, utopias and future plans by making use of our Scenario Analysis template. Find out more on http://www.charteo.com/en/PowerPoint/Marketing-Business-Charts/Business-Analysis/Scenario-Analysis-21-german.html

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