I do believe in karma and one day it will get to you. You will someday feel what I felt. You will one day experience what you did to me. ~ and I hope you remember what you did to me when it happens

love this so much :: Letterpress Poetry Print Emily Dickinson by LennahPress

This resonated with me from the first time I read it back when I was 10 :: Letterpress Poetry Print Emily Dickinson by LennahPress


KARMA ~ What goes around comes around. Keep your circle positive. Say good words. Think good thoughts. Do good deeds. ---Only keep positive people in your circle.Be kind.


"karma: no need for revenge. just sit back & wait. those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves & if you're lucky, god will let you watch" - I HOPE SO!i can't wait to see the divorce notices and see this narcissist douche bag's name on it!


I wish I could post this karma cleanse on my sisters board. because her kind of karma just wants to slap people in the face before she does. hope she reads or finds this kind of karma. I want this kind of karma around me giving and receiving.

yes. yes. yes. :: by Cloudshaped on etsy

My heart born naked was swaddled in lullabies. Later alone it wore poems for clothes.

feeling unappreciated

Funny pictures about How work makes me feel. Oh, and cool pics about How work makes me feel. Also, How work makes me feel photos.

Unappreciated love

Being alone is better than being with someone who does not appreciate your love. Sooo true x


KARMA- What did I tell you when I was walking out the door? I think it was, "Karma can be a motherfucker" - Yeah- that's EXACTLY what I said.

LOL unappreciative reflections...

I shouldnt laugh at this, but I do find it very funny to picture some people falling down the stairs in a slinky fashion.