Bow and arrow tattoo. possibly on my wrist

Bow and arrow tattoo. - an arrow needs to be pulled back in order to launch into something. so even when life pulls you back, it's only so you can be launched into something great - Sagittarius.

35 Ultra Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

35 Ultra Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

I love spine tattoos and it'll be my first tattoo. I would just get a different quote. But this quote is also beautiful. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

shoulder tattoo

I will fear no evil for Thou art with me tattoo. I kinda like the idea of having just the first part, "I will fear no evil.

Love the line work on this. Love the woodcut feel.

PIN ME AT JLOUISUZIE Tatuagens Tatoos Tatuagem masculina Tatuagens pequenas Tatuagens pequenas Tatuagens pequenas masculinas Tatuagens femininas Tatuagens pequenas femininas Love the line work on this. Love the woodcut feel.

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Women's Brown Leather Bomber Jacket, White Crochet Casual Dress, Brown Suede Ankle Boots, Brown Suede Tote Bag

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((this is the closest I've seen to what I imagine my left arm will look like in a matter of time)) 55 of the craziest and most amazing tattoo designs for men and women - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

We love full sleeve tattoos on women, so of course this is one of our favorite galleries! Click through to see some tattoos of women with full sleeve tattoos.

World map tattoo & Compass tattoo. Two travel tattoos from the arms of two different travel bloggers.

World map tattoo & Compass tattoo. Fleur de Lis too! I sort of think I want a world map now