15th century fashion

Clothing from 1400 to 1499.

15th century fashion

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Tudor clothes fastener: 1485-1603

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Velvet Fragment, 1400s Italy, 15th century velvet (cut and brocaded); silk and metal, Overall - h:72.70 w:38.80 cm (h:28 9/16 w:15 1/4 inches). Dudley P. Allen Fund 1918.915

Velvet Fragment


Pair of ecclesiastical gloves Spanish, 15th–16th century (about 1520) Spain Dimensions L: 30 cm (11 13/16 in.) Medium or Technique Silk and gilt-silver yarns, knitted Accession Number 38.1259a-b

Pair of ecclesiastical gloves


TEAL VELVET DALMATIC, ITALY, 1400-1424 Go Back April 17, 2013 - NEW YORK CITY New York City Silk velvet cut to stylized floral outline pattern, gold silk damask sleeve ends, Slv-Slv 54", L 48", (velvet patched in back) very good.

Augusta Auctions


15th century belt-bag called ‘Scarsella’ Fiorentina, loaned by the Bardini Museum of Florence. Sartirana Textile Show 19-22 September 2013

Sartirana Textile Show 19-22 September 2013


Velvet Fragment, 1400s Italy, 15th century velvet (cut, voided, and brocaded): silk and gold thread, Overall - h:21.00 w:40.70 cm (h:8 1/4 w:16 inches). Dudley P. Allen Fund 1940.493

Velvet Fragment


Silk cut voided two pile warps velvet, with the heraldic device of the Soderini family. Florence, second half of the fifteenth century. Musée Historique des Tissus, Lyon.

Extant Textiles - Mid to Late 15th Century


Girdle with Profiles of Half-Length Figures Ca. 1400 Italian Date: ca. 1400 Culture: Italian

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Twelve Medallions Mounted as a Necklace, c. 1400 France, Paris. Enameled gold, precious stones, and pearls; some later additions with modern chain, Diameter - h:4.50 d:1.60 cm Part 1 - l:70.94 cm. Purchase from the J. H. Wade Fund 1947.507 Location: Gallery 109 HideDescription These medallions, likely sewn onto a woman’s headpiece, are unique items of feminine apparel from around 1400 and would have been well known at the court of Philip the Bold and Margaret of Flanders.

Twelve Medallions Mounted as a Necklace


Partlet, Toledan School, second half of 15th/early 16th C Instituto Valencia de Don Juan, Madrid

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15th century eyeglasses

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“Golden Gown” supposedly worn by Queen Margaret I of Denmark, ca 1403-1439, Uppsala Cathedral For a long time, the gown was kept near to Margaret’s tomb in Roskilde Cathedral, but in 1659 it was taken to Sweden as booty by Charles X.  It was donated to Uppsala Cathedral by the royal family in 1665. Reconstruction:

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15th century Italian chasuble Baroque

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A 15th century belt of an abbess. Grey wool belt, with ivory fittings. (C) RMN-Grand Palais (musée de Cluny - musée national du Moyen-Âge) / Jean-Gilles Berizzi.

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Straw hat, late 15th or beginning of 16th century from Kempten, Germany

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Before 1470: Buttons

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Italian man's cioppa, 1440.

Renaissance - Wams aus Brokatsamt - Kostümwerkstatt Gandiva


Girdle Gold brocade, silver, silver gilt, enamel, niello Italian c. 1450

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a false braid made from padded cloth-tubes, 15th/16th century, Kempten, Germany (Allgäuer Landesmuseum, Kempten)

women's headdress(es)


Belt of noble lady from end of 15th century, silk decorated by silver rose with Czech garnet

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Durer gown, end of 15th century

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1410 Houppelande



Renaissance Fashion. Women`s Costume of German Nobility, 1450, 15th Century. The left figure shows an unmarried woman, which is characterized by their uncovered hair. Her long hair is braided in some cases, combined with false hair pieces and decorated with a wreath of flowers. Both women are wearing the round-cut cotta, or Gamurra with long, lush ornamental sleeves. The Gamurra was closely fitted top and highlighted the figure of the woman.

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France nobility 1480 Burgundian fashion 15th century. France nobility dresses, 1480.

Burgundian fashion 15th century. France nobility dresses.