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Usa Quarter

Quarter Coin

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Diy Quarter Ring

Quarter Jewelry

Coin Guitar

Guitar Bass

Washington Quarter Guitar Pick ...

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1750 Read

Guitars Eames

Guitar Hugs

Sinuous Guitars

Inspired Guitars

Set 1750

Body Allowing

Playing Experience

Eames Inspired

Sinuous Guitars

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Piano Interesting

Piano Awesome

Interesting Design

Awesome Design

Contemporary Piano

Modern Piano

Classical Piano

Digital Stage

Piano Digital

Whaletone Piano

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Autobot Ukulele

Transformer Ukulele

Transformer Clothes

Paul Celentano

Celentano Woodworks

Autobot Transformers

Transformer Autobot

Autobots Let'S

Transformers Universe

Autobot Transformer ukulele. $650.00, via Etsy.

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Musical Instruments

Clariphone - SANS LUTHIER

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Pocket Clarinet

Mini Saxophone

Pocket Sax

Music Walnut

Keyless Renaissance

Walnut Pocket

Clarinets Band

Bards Music

Saxophone Keyless

Heritage Music Walnut Pocket Clarinet Mini Sax Keyless Renaissance Chalumeau

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Hopefully Playing

Shaped Notch

Bird Flute

Tested Design


Simple Time

Time Tested

Nice Piece


Erik The Flutemakers Bird Flute. A very simple time tested design on a very nice piece of bamboo. It has the same type of V shaped notch as the Quena. Hopefully playing around with this will help me master the embouchure needed for its longer more complicated relative...

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Tuned Flutes

Flute Well

Flutes Penny

Whistle Native

Selling Flutes

Flutes Bamboo

Transverse Flutes

Concert Tuned

Maker Selling

Erik The Flutemaker concert tuned flutes. I have one tuned to Bb. Exceptional craftmanship makes for such a sweet sound. At least it would if I could ever master the embouchure to play transverse flutes. Entirely operator error. Even if I never learn to play this flute well it will always be a joy to look at.

Selling Flutes, Bamboo Flutes, Pennywhistles, Bamboo Saxes and Side-Blown Flutes

Musical Daze

Musical Things

Musical Notes

Notes Instruments

Instruments Musicians

Maker Selling

Flute Makers

Sculpt Carve

Sax Baritone

Erik the Flute Maker - Selling Bamboo saxaphones, bamboo sax, Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Baritone Sax


Whistles Tin

Whistles Whistle

Penny Whistles

Whistle Tutor

Whistle Penny

Christmas Child Shoebox

Christmas Box

Tutor Books

Irish Tin

Becker Penny Whistles made from PVC.

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Houtblazers Woodwinds

Wood Clarinet

Curious Wood




Musical Instruments



Curious Wood "Clarinet". Too many holes to be a chalumeau, clearly not a clarinet...Somewhere in between. Was difficult to play at first but now when I play it I really do believe the the saints are marching in...

Clarinet Wooden Bamboo with Padded Soft Case

Uke S Acoustic

Guitar S Uke S

Ukelele Ukulele

Bass Mahogany

Mahogany Ukulele

Customer Profile



Music Tunes

Kala U-Bass

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Kala Pocket

Pocket Ukulele

Uku Lele

Business Meeting

Tiny Guitar





Pocket Uke - now you can sneak a uke into your next business meeting. So small it can hide just about anywhere.

Where Innovation meets Tradition, Passion meets Playability, and Quality meets Value. Check out our beautiful ukulele and U-Basses and more.

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Solidbody electric baritone ukulele - Jupiter Creek Music

Jupiter Creek

Electric Baritone

Creek Music

Solidbody Electric

Baritone Ukulele


Musical Instruments


Solidbody electric baritone ukulele - Jupiter Creek Music

Xaphoon Bamboo

Produced Plastic

I Ve Heard


Mass Produced


Youtube Videos


Videos Of

Bamboo Xaphoon... I've heard the stories and the great (and horrible) youtube videos of them being played. Thanks to drastic undervaluing on ebay I will soon have a real bamboo Xaphoon not one of the mass produced plastic ones. Waiting is so painful!

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Shaw Whistles

Whistles Makers

Tin Whistles

Hardwood Block

Carved Hardwood

Solid Nickel

Nickel Silver

Nice Mellow

Mellow Tone

Dave Shaw SHAW Whistles Key of Bb... Solid nickel silver sheet with carved hardwood block... If that sounds impressive please explain to me why. They describe this whistle as requiring a lot of air. Aside from being a breathy air hog it has a nice mellow tone. Thankfully I think the Titanic theme song would sound horrible at this pitch. Though for full disclosure I say that about every pitch discernible by human ears.

Dave Shaw SHAW Whistles

Playing Traditional

Traditional Irish

Plated Sold

Nickel Plated

Dicaprio Films

Cylindrical Bore

God Definitely

Titanic Glowing

Triple Nickel

Oak Classic Pennywhistle With its triple nickel plated sold brass cylindrical bore and tunable mouthpiece it's supposed to be perfect for playing traditional irish folk music. I don't know any traditional irish folk music. None. No Gifts. No thistles. And for the love of God definitely not the theme song to the Titanic. Thankfully you can play any genre of music on these not just show tunes from Leonardo Dicaprio films...

Hal Leonard Oak Classic Pennywhistle | SamAsh

Spit Watermelon

Bamboo Quena

Quena Flutes

Vader Making

Sound Audible

Airy Tones



Flute Making

Bamboo Quena The wailing crying airy tones of this flute tell the tales of the native people of the south american altiplano. Try as I might, no matter how I attempt to molest this work of art I can produce no sound audible to humans though I have done a very passable impression of Darth Vader making a lewd phone call. Grin, spit watermelon seeds, practice...

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12 Jazz

Cx 12

Chromatic Harmonica

Gift Item


Mouth Organ


Mouth Harp


Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG - CX-12 Jazz My chromatic harmonica took a dump and my very limited service skills have proven insufficient to repair it... Looking for a replacement and this one is ohhhhhhhhhh so pretty...


Clarke Celtic

It'S Law

Celtic Tin

Tutor Book

Whistle Irish

Film Titanic

Hair Spray

Irish Flute


Apparently it's law that if one possesses this Tin Whistle one MUST learn the theme song from the film Titanic. These have always been fun to play easy to learn and difficult to master...but for ***** sake...enough with the Titanic song already...

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Hohner Blasinstrumente

Mehr Hohner

Harmonica Playing

Harp Harmonica

Ms System

68 Blues

Intense Blues

Uptown Blues

Instruments Musicans

Hohner Blues Harp. I switched away from these years ago but picked one up recently when the music store didn't have my preferred brand in stock. Now I'm busy finding that good tone again...

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Camping Bushcraft

Mountain Ocarinas

Virtually Indestructable


Definitely Worth





Mountain Ocarinas... fun to play so far, a little difficult to hold at first but definitely worth the time. The polycarbonate models seem virtually indestructable and are very portable. Now just to learn how to play them...

Mountain Ocarinas — Concert-Quality, Go-Anywhere Flutes.

Playing Acoustic

Acoustic Guitar

20Tm Ce

Cordoba 20Tm

Cordoba Guitars

Haven T Played

Beautiful Instrument

Big Hands

Fun Playing

Cordoba 20TM-CE Ukulele. I wanted to learn to play the ukulele. I went with a tenor on account of my big hands. I haven't played it amplified yet, but it's a ton of fun playing acoustic. Truly a very beautiful instrument made by Cordoba guitars.

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Positive It S

It S Virtually

Children It S

It S Designed

Virtually Indestructible



Musical Instruments


Learning to play this ancestor of the clarinet. I'm positive it's designed for children. It's "virtually" indestructible and you could probably use it to fight off an attacker. So far it's very fun to play.

The Hanson Chalumeau