Cheap Bastid's Original Recipes

This is where you can find original recipes from my foodblog Cheap Bastid Cooks. They're all based on the Cheap Bastid approach of cooking really good food cheap. Eat Good. Eat Cheap. Be Grateful. I hope you enjoy them.
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Italian Fried Chicken Dinner--this is really, really good. Crisp fried chicken breasts with Italian seasoning, spaghetti and semi-homemade sauce. What's not to love? Try it. You'll love it too and it's only $1.10 a serving!

Italian Fried Chicken Breast

Butt Stinkin Hot Ramen Noodle Cold Salad--the name says it all. When it's really hot and you want a dinner or lunch that's cold, tasty and cheap, give Cheap Bastid's "Butt Stinkin Hot Ramen Noodle Cold Salad" a try. It's amazing

Ramen Noodle Cold Salad

Like BBQ? Here's a recipe for BBQ Beef Ribs that doesn't require a smoker and 14 hours of low and slow. Check it out and give it a try.

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Want to save some money? Do some "Budget Stretching with Cheap Bastid". Here's one of the ways I do it--a 3 lb. package of sliced pepperoni and a 3 lb package of bacon ends and pieces.

Cheap Bastid Cooks | Eat Good. Eat Cheap. Be Grateful!

Making roast beef? Here's a great idea for leftovers--Shredded Beef Barbecue Sandwiches. Easy, quick, totally tasty and cheap!c

Shredded Beef Barbecue Sandwiches

Cheap Bastid's ready to eat buttermilk pancakes--fast and cheap and absolutely delicious

Buttermilk Pancakes

Hot and muggy? Make up a big bowl of Tuna Salad tonight. It'll cool you down and fill you up.

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Homemade Pasta! This will go perfectly with Cheap Bastid's Bolognese sauce. This has flavor and tooth and it's easy and cheap to make. Give it a try.

Homemade Pasta | Cheap Bastid Cooks

Bolognese Sauce Cheap Bastid Style. Do you love spaghetti and pasta? Here's a classic sauce where the star is the beef and beef flavor. It's easy and it's cheap.

Bolognese Sauce Cheap Bastid style

Triple Ginger Cheesecake. It's got that gingery snap we all love! Make it soon.

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Triple Ginger Cheesecake. You'll love it. It's got that gingerbread snap "bite" and that creamy smoothness of cheesecake.

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It's Saint Patrick's Day! Here's a different take on Corned Beef and Cabbage plus a traditional Irish Soda Bread recipe

Saint Patricks Day Favorites

"Goodbye Joe, we gotta go, oh me, oh my-o". Yes, it's Jambalaya and mmmmmmm is it ever goooooooood! It's also easy and takes less than an hour start to finish. Comfort food, Cajun goodness!

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We love Feta! It's great in salads and on pizza. But it's a bit pricey. You can save half the price--just buy it in a block and crumble it yourself.

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Cheap Bastids Chinese Steak. What a fantastic dinner. It's flavorful, inexpensive and easy to make. A different take on comfort food classics.

Chinese Steak

Homemade Cherry Pie--It's what's for dessert! Easy, tasty and tart, you're going to love it.

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Got leftover Christmas Ham? Tired of ham sandwiches? Make Hawaiian Pizza. It's a treat and a change of pace. It's easy and really, really tasty.

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Super Bowl Food. Here's 4 of Cheap Bastid's favorite recipes which are perfect for the Super Bowl. They are easy, tasty and cheap. They'll help you stretch your budget and you'll have homemade Super Bowl food that you haven't slaved for hours to make or spent a ton of money to get. Check 'em out!

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What to do with leftover Christmas ham? Try Cheap Bastid's Scalloped Potatoes and Ham. It's tasty, easy and cheap.

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Spanish Rice, also known as Mexican Rice, is easy, fast and inexpensive. Best of all it's a terrific and tasty side dish.

Momma Stellas Spanish Rice | Cheap Bastid Cooks

Classis Pecan Pie is a holiday favorite and it's fantastic anytime of the year. It's easy, tasty and decadent. You'll love it!

Classic Pecan Pie - Cheap Bastid Cooks

Rustic Pot Pies are a great way to turn your leftovers into something tasty that will warm you up.

Rustic Pot Pies - Cheap Bastid Cooks

Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza is the ultimate pizza and it's really easy to make. Just "smoosh" out the dough in a 12 inch cast-iron pan and load up the "pie". It's fantastic! And cheap too!

Chicago-style deep dish pizza

Holiday Fruitcake! Start a new tradition this year with this simple recipe for really tasty fruitcake.

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Love pizza? Love "roast beast" or "shredded beef"? Give Cheap Bastid's Shredded Beef Pizza a try.

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