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What Women Want

Things Every Woman Wants, Needs or Should Have

What Women Want

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Do you proudly own a Glock 42? Women's-cut 100% cotton gray t-shirt with a pink Glock 42 on the front. Click the picture to get it. #glockgirls #glock

GLOCK Ladies G42 T-Shirt Large Cotton Gray with Pink GLOCK AA46009

A woman's guide to bugging-out... all you need to pack, know and more. Click the picture for this comprehensive guide to women's survival—especially if you are new to the subject.

A Woman’s Guide to Bugging-Out

Struggling to find the right holster and gun for concealed carry? Click on the image for five setups that really work. #concealedcarry #girlsandguns

Women’s Concealed Carry: Five Holsters that Work

The pink Flashbang bra holster for the GLOCK 42—limited edition. With proceeds being donated to the Oklahoma Project Women.

SABRE Red National Breast Cancer Foundation Pepper Spray Pink

$5 from every sale goes to either the Susan B. Komen for the Cure or Making Strides from the Bersa special edition breast cancer awareness kit. #thinkpink

Should a first time female shooter go straight for the snub-nosed .38 Special revolver? Click the picture, read the blog and leave your comments. #womenandguns #womenshooters

The Best Gun for a New Shooter: Semiautomatics vs. Revolvers

If you want to get your daughters, nieces, little sister, friends, or other girly girls into shooting and hunting, check out the reliable Remington 870 Express compact pump-action shotgun. Click the image for more. #shotguns #gunsforgirls #remington870

I recommend the Armscor M200 revolver for home defense. The 4-inch barrel, 1.78-pound weight, and textured grips makes it easy and comfortable to shoot. Click the pic to check it out. #revolvers #gunsforgirls #armscor #38special

For when you can't carry. The Zap Light stun gun with 1 million volts also incorporates a flashlight. Self defense at night when walking to the car, walking the dog, jogging or where it is illegal to carry a gun. #selfdefense #stunguns #personalprotection

Do you take your gun with you everywhere?

Five cheap ways to dress up your AR-15. Don't feeling like committing to a full-blown bubble gum rifle? Add these five subtle pink accessories instead. #ar15 #womenshooters #pinkguns

Five Cheap Ways to Dress up Your AR-15

Feeling stagnant or bored? You won't get any better without setting goals. Click the picture and be a better shooter! #womenandguns #girlsandguns #womenwholovetoshoot

Keeping Your Eyes on the Target: The Importance of Setting Goals

Truth. #girlswholoveguns #girlsandguns #womenshooters #womenwholoveguns Click the picture to learn how to teach firearm safety to your children.

  • Judy Kreins
    Judy Kreins

    And no unreal expectations

Hey Ladies, check out our blog posts you will be interested in reading—concealed carry for women, reviews on guns you want to carry, techniques, holster reviews and more written by experienced women who love to shoot. Click the picture for more! #womenshooters #girlsandguns #womenwholoveguns #girlswithguns

Are you a woman who loves guns? Read articles tailored just for you at The Shooter's Blog, written by yours truly, CTD Suzanne Click the picture for more... #girlsandguns #girlswholoveguns #womenshooters #womenandguns

Get the behind-the-scenes details In this interview with World Champion Shooter and Top Shot Competitor Athena Lee

World Champion Shooter and Top Shot Competitor Athena Lee

Have you been considering a pink pocket pistol? Click the picture to see a quick comparison chart and extended reviews. #pistols #girlsandguns #pinkpistols #handguns #selfdefense #womenwhoshoot

Pink Pistols Compared

As a woman shooter, have you been directed to a .38 revolver or .380 auto and nothing else? Annoying, huh? Click the pic to read my story. #firearms #womenshooters #38special #380acp #girlsandguns

Is the .380 ACP the new .38 Special?

Do you need help with flinching? I sure do! It's a common problem and nothing to be ashamed of. Click the pic to see what helped me. #womenshooters #womenandguns #girlsandguns

How to Fix Anticipating the Recoil

Every day more and more women are choosing to purchase firearms for self-defense, recreation or competition. On Wednesday’s we take the day over on Facebook to honor these women. Have you liked us on Facebook yet? Head on over there and get more pictures like this one. Are you a strong woman who loves her firearms? Share your pictures with us. #girlswithguns #womenshooters #pinkguns

  • Chris Engen
    Chris Engen

    Love to see women want to know how to use a fire arm its do time

As an armed woman, situational awareness is your first line of defense. These six tips are some of the ways in which I go a step above basic situational awareness to make sure I do not become a victim. #selfdefense #concealedcarry #safety #singlewomen

Six Safety Tips for Women

Got a Muddy Girl 10/22 or pink furniture on your AR-15? It will fit perfectly in this tactical, but still feminine rifle case.

NcSTAR Tactical Rifle Case 40" Black with Pink Trim CVPK2907-40

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