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V-Mount too heavy? When you want a light weight setup the @varavon_usa #TPower battery kit for #Sony #A7s and #A7RII. Comes with dummy battery and battery mount to vild shoe or 15mm rod. Smallest and compact best power to weight ratio you can find.

Rocked the new #Sony #A7RII for an entire day of shooting w/ @satostudios yesterday. Put this thing through some abuse really testing it out. Held up all day shooting 4K short clips no longer than 5 minutes at a time and left it powered on via V-Mount battery all day. RØDE Microphones #VideoMic SHAPE #Rig CameTV #VMount F&V #Volta Battery @pvgear #15mmrails

I've got a car full of equipment for today's shoot but this is one of the most important. If you have to be on your feet all day get a set of compression ankle socks. Your feet will thank you! I always carry a set of these when I take my kids to Disneyland....

Looking for quick diffusion for an LED light? Pop up white hamper. Throws extra wide and softens up shadows. (China ball-ish) Cheap easy to travel with and uber fast to setup and break down. Practically Universal fit!

#Rokinon has once again broke price barriers with the new #XEEN lenses. A set of (somewhat affordable) New Cinema Primes. Covers full frame sensors 200 degree focus rotation all 114mm front diameter de-clicked aperture and 11 blade iris. Read more reasons why this could be your next set of lenses at the blog (link in bio) or visit

She's arrived. Sony #A7RII. Keep it or should I sell it?

Time to find out if the hype is true. My #Sony #A7RII arrives in 2 Days..

How often do you get to use a Timelapse #Jib? Digislider Carbon Fiber Portable Motorized Jib w @dynamicperception MX3 controller out here in #LakeTahoe

The Sony #RX10MK2 is the new BTS camera. Mounted to a SHAPE #C300 Rig with RØDE Microphones new VIdeoMic Pro with #rycote Lyre suspension. @jacob_vision just happened to be wearing a SHAPE shirt to match. Out here in #LakeTahoe testing out the Digislider Motorized Timelapse Jib...

Check out latest Video uploaded to blog. An Overview of the SHAPE Cage and Modular Accessories for the #Atomos #Shogun Monitor / 4K Recorder. Gotta love those quick Push Button Handles and Amazing Monitor Mount that can adjust several different ways.

Fun stuff arrived in the mail. SHAPE and Cinevate #Canada is in full effect here today!!

This was only half the gear mounted on the @kraneamg #kraneamg750 Gear Cart on yesterday's shoot with @satostudios @scottyray_satostudios.

I have a feeling it's going to be one of those days where this @kraneamg Gear cart comes in handy. Even this largest model still fit sideways in the trunk of my Honda fit!

Specifically requested to shoot with an #A7s tomorrow so I need 'all day power'. The @varavon_usa #ArmorII Sony Cage with #Varavon external battery pack! Love it but the cable is too long for me so time to trim things down keeping it clean and simple..

It's called a #Mangonada. A blend of Mango ice cream with fresh cut Mango fruit and some chili spice.

Have you see. The new CameTV Ultra Slim LED lights? Power packed in a slim extruded Aluminum Chassis. High CRI output and optional softbox grid or barndoors available. Comes in three sizes Full Daylight or Bi-Color this is the medium version. See them at

This Unique Portable Carbon Fiber Video Jib has a motor attached is currently being powered by AA batteries and is capable of smooth real time movement for Video or advanced shoot-move-shoot TimeLapse with a #dynamicperception Controller. Remove the motor quickly with a single thumb knob and use as a normal Carbon Fiber Jib. Digislider Find out more at

Anyone else having fun with the new #Sony #RX10MKII? A 24-200mm F/2.8 Lens 1/32000 Shutter Speed 4K internal recording and Super Slow Motion..

Things are a bit shifted around and many of the tools changed. But loving the new @blackmagic_news #DavinciResolve 12! Go out and buy an old #BlackMagic Cinema Camera just for the full version of Davinci. The key I have has allowed me to upgrade several times already. Paid for itself over the years. Totally worth owning their cameras..

The unique design of the @fotodioxpro #FlapJack LED Lights creates a very wide evenly diffused light source in a thin panel. Perfect for close-up work and easy for your talent to look directly into.

That new RØDE Microphones VideoMic Pro with new #Rycote Suspension and official Dead Cat Windscreen.

Fins out what makes the #Volta Quad V-Mount Battery Charger and #Volta Smart V-Mount Battery a cut above the rest. Video up now link in Bio or

The @cametv #SINGLE on the roof of the #HardRockHotel #LakeTahoe putting in work..

Everything you need to know about the New @aputurephoto #LightStorm LED Panels. Check out our video about these innovative lights and unique design. Link in BIO or

Working Media at #CelebrityGolfChampionship with @satostudios. We get to follow the best group today. #JustinTimberlake #JerryRice #AlfonsoRibiero and @sasquatchgolf #LakeTahoe