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    Anyone else get their $9 dollar #Manfrotto 501PL compatible plates? They seem well made and work just fine on my tripod heads. Yeah I bought 10 of these. Search 501PL on my website (link in bio)

    Let's talk about #URSA #MINI 4K/60fps. At RAW two 64GB CFAST cards ($179/each = $358) will give you about 4 minutes of video. In compressed RAW you'll squeeze in about 10 minutes. ProRes HQ is not much better. So for the best quality it's about $90/minute. Let's not forget this is the 4K URSA Mini not the 4.6K one which should be more of a beast...

    Lots of skateboard backpacks were too big and heavier e-boards would sag too much. I took a cheap slim backpack mounted hard wood inside with a lashing strap. Now I can strap the Yuneec E-GO on the bacpack at any height and use a bit of strap under rear truck to keep from sliding down. No sagging no swaying. The ability to mount this board at any height works for better balance and doesn't hit your legs when you walk or run. #diy #electricskateboard #skateboardbackpack #yuneecego

    Ever work with Cinema Prime lenses with cameras that don't offer built in ND? (BlackMagic Design RED etc). Here's a #DIY 3D Printed ND Filter Clamp that allows you to work with filters without heavy Matteboxes or expensive Drop In Filters. Super lightweight fast to swap out. Using oversized 145mm @fotodioxpro #Wonderpana filter system. Rokinon #XEEN. More info posted at (link in bio)

    The @seaportdigital #iVisor looks like a standard laptop bag but has a tripod mount built in and transforms to a shaded platform. A great tool when working outdoors with a large monitor or laptop. Photographers use this when shooting tethered outdoors. @satostudios Piloting the #Inspire1 and pete alexander directing the shots! #drone #dji #seaportdigital #cheesycam

    Super innovative Grip and rigging gear now available by #9solutions. Video interview now posted at my website. (link in bio)

    Too much?? When using the HDMI out from Master Remote on the #Inspire1 you lose the feed from the software. So in order to share the HDMI out to a Directors monitor (without syncing a second remote) i'm using my #blackmagic #VideoAssist to split the HDMI feed and then i'm sending it wirelessly with the CameTV Wireless HD Video Kit. No interference issues so far working good. #fingerscrossed #diy #dji #quadcopter @blackmagicdesign_news @djiglobal

    New Firmware Today for #BMVA #VideoAssist 5 inch HDMI/SDI 10bit Recorder/Monitor! @blackmagicdesign_news adds Focus Peaking Zebras Center Zoom (focus aid) and HDMI Timecode (does rec trigger now work on #GH4 #A7s?). Anyone else as excited?

    She got all dolled up for me waiting for me to take her out somewhere nice. Look at the placement of that shoulder pad - nicely balanced rig! Wardrobe includes SHAPE C300 Rig #Shape Pro Dual Follow Focus Shape Paparazzi Top Handle F&V #Volta V-Mount CameTV Front Handles #cametv Shoulder Pad @pvgear Carbon Fiber 15mm Rods #Cineroid EVF Rokinon #XEEN Cinema Prime #4KRAW #blackmagic #Ursa #UrsaMini #MiniUrsa

    Ok I admit. I was a bit skeptical because the big URSA was over 20lbs. The new #ursamini you see here is just 5lbs. Way lighter than I imagined it would be once you carry it. So much power in a compact package with 4K RAW and high 4K frame rates. Thanks to DVeStore for the loan! These babies are out of stock but contact for availabilities. #4K #RAW #Ursa #MiniUrsa

    At least all tour #DJI #Inspire1 ND Filters will still work perfectly on the #OSMO. Lets see what I can shoot today #4K #gimbal #120fps #Cheesycam

    Traveling is easier when you can bring a good gear cart. When I fly I need super compact so I own two of these portable mini folding hand trucks. Small enough to check in with my luggage. A long 18" nose (lower tray) handles big bags with ease and can carry up to 200lbs. Even has built in stair climbers. No flat tires with a pneumatic like ride. #gearcart #handtruck #rocknrollercart. Posted more info at

    That's all it takes to send the HDMI video feed wirelessly to a remote monitor! CameTV Kit is a clean and simple solution to transmit video up to 100m away. Just posted a video and a quick test at

    Holy cow this thing works sooo good. Can't believe its on sale for just $880 right now (from $1600). I heard so many people just grabbed a set in the last few days too. #cametv #wirelessfollowfocus. Check it out at

    #tbt That time we tested SLOG/VLOG on a whole bunch of Sony cameras #FS7 #A7s #A7sII #A7rII (and 1 #GH4). #Xeen #Rokinon #blackmagic #videoassist

    A bit of rambling but I just posted up a short video about the @fotodioxpro #NDThrottle. If you miss having a camera with built-in ND Filters the ND Throttle is a Variable ND filter built into a Lens Adapter. Especially when shooting in SLOG this is a must have piece of kit everyone should at least try. Regardless if you're using cheap #Rokinon lenses or high end Cinema Primes no more loose filters bulky matteboxes or expensive drop in filters. Watch the vid:

    "So you're telling me you had 4K RAW all this time but all my home videos are shot on an iPhone 4?". Yeah I know a lot of you are nust as guilty as I....#blackmagic #4K #Xeen #rokinon

    Repost from Rik Cordero out my @mrcheesycam inspired DIY Gimbal Stabilizer with the @DuoSec fam. Peter Baker pushing the limits of my balancing act... #RunPlayBack #happyhalloween Rik Cordero

    Paid good money for this card hoping for 60p on @blackmagicdesign_news #videoassist Recorder but still fails with 'dropped frames' message. Damnit what card works with this thing for 60p? 24p is fine but can't seem to get a clean 60p.

    Today's office includes Great food and great for you! #GH4 #XEEN

    For those who are asking "Yes the new Sony A7s can run off of USB battery even when recording". Helps ease the pain of those weak Sony batteries. But make sure you have a cage with USB cable locks like the CameTV Sony A7RII / A7sII cage...

    Currently uploading an 'Extreme ISO' Video Test from new #Sony #A7sII. Tested from ISO 20000-409600! It's a boring long video that first shows ISO noise then shows what footage looks like with a LUTDenoiseSharpeningSaturation (overly boosted). Shot 1080 HDMI out to new @blackmagicdesign_news #videoassist Recorder. Something I put together for myself just to better understand it's limitations.

    Because someone asked 'What cage does the #RX10MKII fit in?'. The PNC Gear #Homu cage works perfectly. Full access to battery card slot hdmi audio all button dials etc. Use coupon code CheesyCam for 10% off all orders at too

    Found some extra Tees in the garage.

    Just posted my unboxing video of newly designed @fotodioxpro #SharkCage for Sony #A7RII #a7s2. Features Top handle 15mm rods HDMI locks hand strap and more. Also available for #GH4 and #NX1. Watch at

    No more swapping small Sony batteries. Shared a tip on extending a p-tap cable so that you can use v-mount batteries with non-mount LED lights.

    Really great DEAL on this #Manfrotto compatible Quick Release Base Adapter w/ 501PL compatible plate. Just $22 FREE Shipping. Moving fast today check it out while they last:

    Where exactly is the camera? Fun with #bmpcc #xeen #rokinon #cinema #birdycam2 #gimbal @varavon_usa @blackmagic_news Rokinon

    Considering the new #Sony #A7RII or #A7SII? Then you need to take time out and check out the new @varavon_usa #Zeus Cage fits both of those new cameras. Product video coming soon..

    Sony #RX10MKII with RØDE Microphones VideoMic. The Remote also works on this camera to power it On and OFF control Zoom Lens start / stop Video fire shutter for photos etc. Keeping my hands on this little rig means better stability when shooting around.

    Starting and Stopping Video on Sony A7 cameras SUCK! So this cheap remote allows you to Start / Stop Video on your Sony #A7s #A7RII #A7SII Cameras. Has a 1/4-20 thread or Velcro Elastic Strap for mounting to a Shoulder Rig Handle Video Head Handle or Gimbal Handle. Meaning you don't need to take your hands off when you need to Start / Stop Video or even to Turn your camera On and Off. Video Demo just uploaded at (link in bio).

    NEW! Now you can have a #Gimbal with latest 'Encoder' Technology for your #GoPro too! Encoders allow Gimbals to be more accurate more stable with several times longer battery life. Also running latest 32 bit SBGC (Alexmos) software. CameTV More info: Link in Bio or visit

    The #Rokinon #XEEN Cine Prime lenses are a hit especially at introductory low prices. But guess what? For a limited time you can save up to -$1500 OFF on XEEN Primes. Link in Bio or visit

    Just posted several video samples with the new #GH4 #VLOG profile. Link in Bio or visit

    Finally have a few minutes to shoot some #GH4 VLog-L samples out here in old Sacramento. Sounds by RØDE Microphones Stereo VideoMicX and stance by #Sirui Monopod.

    Your chance to win a brand new complete Digislider 'Motorized' #carbonfiber Mini Jib system. Use with or without the motor real time video or timelapse. Comes with a bunch or stuff including a @dynamicperception #MX3 controller! Link in Bio or visit

    Just like with the original A7 series i'm fairly certain the new #A7sII shares the same body as the new #A7RII. If that's the case this new #Cage from CameTV would be one of your rig options. Video up soon at (link in bio)

    Getting in a couple more slides with the Cinevate #Duzi V3 Slider with @satostudios #lamborghini

    Sliding #FS7 and #XEEN lenses on the bew Cinevate #Duzi v3 Slider. Extra support via Valerie Wilson stability support arms. Works with any slider.

    Just posted a quick video sample of this #DIY Motorized Curved Tripod Track Dolly. Pushing along a fully rigged #a7rii #XEEN lens #Shogun Monitor #Shape Rig and more.. or (link in bio)

    Here's a fun quiz! Listen to the new #Azden SGM-250 microphone vs #Rode NTG-2. Can you guess which microphone is which? Which one do you think sounds better? Video at (link in bio)

    My big #Manfrotto sticks had some 'wiggle' in the legs. Had to step up to my heavy duty #eImage (previously used with big Ursa). This one has a 5 stage counterbalance and steady as a rock under my new setup here...

    Can't afford the #Atomos #Shogun 4K Recorder? Here's Top 10 Reasons you may want the 'new' (slightly more affordable) Atomos #NinjaAssassin 4K HDMI Recorder via DVeStore Visit the blog (link in bio) or visit

    Some pics of the new @Rokinon #XEEN Cine Primes. 24mm 50mm and 85mm shown on some of my favorite cameras. Blackmagic 4K Sony #A7RII #PocketCinema and @panasonicusa #GH4

    V-Mount too heavy? When you want a light weight setup the @varavon_usa #TPower battery kit for #Sony #A7s and #A7RII. Comes with dummy battery and battery mount to vild shoe or 15mm rod. Smallest and compact best power to weight ratio you can find.

    Rocked the new #Sony #A7RII for an entire day of shooting w/ @satostudios yesterday. Put this thing through some abuse really testing it out. Held up all day shooting 4K short clips no longer than 5 minutes at a time and left it powered on via V-Mount battery all day. RØDE Microphones #VideoMic SHAPE #Rig CameTV #VMount F&V #Volta Battery @pvgear #15mmrails