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    The new CameTV #Argo arrives. Well I have to admit that it works extremely well. Especially because it is using latest Basecam 32bit w/ Encoders. Lots of options like a dovetail quick release plate to mount the gimbal onto a jib built-in wireless video transmitter 15 mm rod to add your wireless follow focus wireless joystick included and a few other goodies. But how do you feel about the design choice lookin' like a DJI Ronin-M? #cametv #argo #gimbal.

    Pretty damn good ONE DAY Deal on the #Manfrotto #504HD Video Head w/ Manfrotto 3 Stage Al Tripod. Head holds up to 16.5 pounds 4-Step Counterbalance and Variable Drag. Normally about $700 now just $299 Free Ship. (Link in Bio)

    This 36000mAH High Capacity battery is a beast. Comes with two different #MagSafe power cables to give you extra run time on your MacBook Air or even my (late 2014) MacBook Pro Retina. Offers a 16.8V and 14.8V output along with two USB ports for charging other devices. On Amazon #beast #usbbattery #macbook #macbookpro

    It's been a while but I am super impressed with the new @canonusa #1DxMarkII specs. Full Frame 4K 60p (800mbps) and HD at 120fps. For stills it can burst 14fps and a buffer to hold up to 170 RAW images at a time. More amazing specs and videos at (link in bio)

    The new @aputurephoto #ArrayTrans works over 60GHz with 16 Antennas for fast wireless HD Video transmission 10bit Uncompressed 4:2:2 via HDMI. A complete system priced under $600. Find out more about what it can be used for and what it shouldn't be used for at the blog

    A Smartphone #gimbal with Encoders. The other ones i've used did not have that additional piece of hardware which makes gimbals super stable and efficient. Almost an exact design as the CameTV #GoPro 'came-action' gimbal But unfortunately it's not available just yet. They are calling it the 'Came-Action2' gimbal found at

    The #amimon #connex kit was designed for Drone Use. A robust reliable system that transmits full 1080HD Video up to 60fps at distances over 1000 Meters (3300 feet). But with a modded kit from @cameramotionresearch You can use the#AmimonConnex to transmit video from your camera's HDMI. Kit has been modified to include custom cables rechargeable battery packs and custom frames with 1/4-30 mounts. If you need a super robust wireless video kit take a look at the #Connex at I just posted a video review at (link in Bio).......

    Handheld or in Shoulder Rig configurations. The #Sony #A7sII is CameTV Cage comes with these snazzy leather handles and wood top handle. Shown with @blackmagicdesign_news #videoassist and RØDE Microphones #videomicPro

    Did you know that @yuneecapv and @panasonicusa basically modified a #GH4 camera for the new #Tornado #H920? It's called the #CG04 and has a built in 3x optical zoom and every camera feature can be controlled remotely via the Touch Screen Remote (including focus). Check out our interview with #Yuneec about the H920 at (link in bio)..

    The #Sony #A7sII felt a little undressed today. Decided to throw her in the new #CameTV #Cage with @lanparte Dual Filter Swing Away MatteBox @Rokinon CineDS 50mm and powered up with #KayoMaxtar VMount.

    Looking to add style to your #Sony #A7sII #A7rII? A wooden top handle with a metal threaded inserts and a cold shoe. Side handles with suede leather-ish wraps (not sure if its real). Side handles have a rosette to reposition. Cage has locking HDMI and 15mm (optional) base. #CameTV #sonya7rii #sonya7sii

    Finally arrived. Now to setup those #Juicedlink #DARling audio recorders. Haven't had the time to test them yet. #sandisk #dar123 #dar124

    Hello my #DARlings.. Ready to setup these new @juicedlink_llc 'Distributed Audio Recorders' (DAR) and excited to test out the new wireless features for start/stop recording and Wireless Tone Slate for syncing audio up in post! For more info #juicedlink

    Charging up the #zhiyun #SmoothC Smartphone #Gimbal for a test drive. Which smartphone gimbals are you guys using?

    Announced earlier this morning the new @juicedlink_llc Little #DARling Distributed Audio Recorder is finally available (after two years). Worn as a body pack this portable audio recorder has locking TRS connections and also offers a back up recording track. A higher model offers wireless control to stop and start audio recording across multiple recorders and even offers a tone slate that is used to sync audio. If you are working on a project that requires your subjects to move around especially in great distances this will prevent audio dropouts or interference issues. Article is posted at (link in Bio)

    Another Costco score. These are LED bulbs (look like CFL) sold as 'Shop Lights'. Typically $50 dollars each assembly but got them on sale for $30. I added PVC pipes on the back of each one so I can clamp them to stands. Throws a broad soft source of light and these long LED tubes make for great catch lights too. Might end up painting the housing black...

    I'll be holding a pre-screening of the new Captain Marvel (Shazaam) in 'The Curse of the Scorpion' tonight. Are you on the guest list? LOL..

    Only a few hours to try and recover some Super 8mm footage. Also hacked the projector speaker to capture the analog signal directly into my zoom h6 and then out directly into my #GH4. Bo time for scanning frames..

    A set of 24mm 50mm and 85mm Rokinon #XEEN Cinema Primes placed next to their 24mm 50mm and 85mm #CineDS lenses...#tobecompared

    Wanted to compare these Rokinon #CineDS cinema lenses to my #XEEN Cinema Primes. Same optics but are they using the same lens coatings? A side by side test in the works..

    Not one but two @varavon_usa #Birdycam Lite #Gimbal Stabilizers. Check out all the stuff via Rik Cordero has already done with his unit. Solid lightweight system with encoders for better efficiency and stability..

    Simultaneous charging with different V-Mount batteries on the #Volta Quad Smart Charger. Each channel auto detects the proper charge. Smart and Fast way to charge four batteries at the same time. #kayomaxtar #volta

    I loved the vest combo with the #BirdycamLite #Gimbal so much I decided to build out a better version with an F&V Monitor on the Sled. This is not the same #Wieldy #Steadicam system I showed earlier. She's ready to fly for tomorrow... @varavon_usa #sony #a7sii

    The new Ztylus #zprime wide angle and telephoto Prime lens kit for #iphone #iphone6 #iphone6s. The special case has a bayonet mount for attaching these Z-Prime Lenses. Supposedly very high quality optics. You can already see samples follow Ztylus @ztylususa

    The core parts that make up SHAPE #Sony #A7sII #A7RII Cage system. Patented Top Handle adjusts positions eith a push of a button. The 15mm base attaches to cage via a quick release system - setup quick and break down fast. The cage also features an adjustable lens adapter support so your #Metabones is locked in SOLID! Assembly video will be up later at

    Just tested this out with a #Sony #A7sII 16-35mm. Just got one word - "Butter". The Encoders really make a huge difference with #SBGC #gimbals. I feel like I can get smoother footage from this over the Ronin-M no little jitters (some of you know what i'm talking about). Good job on this one @varavon_usa! Now time to test it out on a project this weekend..

    Oh snap! "Speak of the Devil and he shall appear". Look what dropped in the mail today. You ain't the only one Rik Cordero @runplayback! Let's put these bad boys to the test. Exciting times..

    This little camera constantly impresses me. I still can't get rid of the two @blackmagicdesign_news #PocketCinema cameras I own no matter what new cameras I obtain. Happy to keep shooting with this and even upres files to 4K still looks darn good. With the #BlackMagic #VideoAssist I have a better screen and easy access to the SDXC card when recording ProRes HQ from the HDMI. A Switronix Inc. JetPack keeps everything powered all day. #BMPCC #BMVA #switronix #metabones #rokinon #xeen

    Lovin' the flexibility or @Go9Solutions grip and rigging gear. The mini #PythonClamp Rods Extension couplers is all it takes to make a very flexible lightweight boom arm for a RØDE Microphones or hair light. Sure you could just buy a dedicated boom stand but the clamp allows you to attach to anything if you don't have a stand available. Clamp to a table edge chair door light fixture etc. Perfect for car rigging if you need to setup audio an interior light or an action camera in the right place...

    Oh my my. A really beautiful Wireless Video kit. The #amimom #connex sent over via @cameramotionresearch can send a full 1080p HD signal 10x further than other systems in it's price range. Example the DJI Lightbridge transmits 720p/60 this can do 1080 up to 60fps. Amimom has been licensed and found in other products like the Teradek Bolt. This custom kit is using special batteries and mounting hardware to go from drone use to ProVideo use. #amimom #connex #drone #dronegear #wirelesshd

    Anyone else get their $9 dollar #Manfrotto 501PL compatible plates? They seem well made and work just fine on my tripod heads. Yeah I bought 10 of these. Search 501PL on my website (link in bio)

    Let's talk about #URSA #MINI 4K/60fps. At RAW two 64GB CFAST cards ($179/each = $358) will give you about 4 minutes of video. In compressed RAW you'll squeeze in about 10 minutes. ProRes HQ is not much better. So for the best quality it's about $90/minute. Let's not forget this is the 4K URSA Mini not the 4.6K one which should be more of a beast...

    Lots of skateboard backpacks were too big and heavier e-boards would sag too much. I took a cheap slim backpack mounted hard wood inside with a lashing strap. Now I can strap the Yuneec E-GO on the bacpack at any height and use a bit of strap under rear truck to keep from sliding down. No sagging no swaying. The ability to mount this board at any height works for better balance and doesn't hit your legs when you walk or run. #diy #electricskateboard #skateboardbackpack #yuneecego

    Ever work with Cinema Prime lenses with cameras that don't offer built in ND? (BlackMagic Design RED etc). Here's a #DIY 3D Printed ND Filter Clamp that allows you to work with filters without heavy Matteboxes or expensive Drop In Filters. Super lightweight fast to swap out. Using oversized 145mm @fotodioxpro #Wonderpana filter system. Rokinon #XEEN. More info posted at (link in bio)

    The @seaportdigital #iVisor looks like a standard laptop bag but has a tripod mount built in and transforms to a shaded platform. A great tool when working outdoors with a large monitor or laptop. Photographers use this when shooting tethered outdoors. @satostudios Piloting the #Inspire1 and pete alexander directing the shots! #drone #dji #seaportdigital #cheesycam

    Super innovative Grip and rigging gear now available by #9solutions. Video interview now posted at my website. (link in bio)

    Too much?? When using the HDMI out from Master Remote on the #Inspire1 you lose the feed from the software. So in order to share the HDMI out to a Directors monitor (without syncing a second remote) i'm using my #blackmagic #VideoAssist to split the HDMI feed and then i'm sending it wirelessly with the CameTV Wireless HD Video Kit. No interference issues so far working good. #fingerscrossed #diy #dji #quadcopter @blackmagicdesign_news @djiglobal

    New Firmware Today for #BMVA #VideoAssist 5 inch HDMI/SDI 10bit Recorder/Monitor! @blackmagicdesign_news adds Focus Peaking Zebras Center Zoom (focus aid) and HDMI Timecode (does rec trigger now work on #GH4 #A7s?). Anyone else as excited?

    She got all dolled up for me waiting for me to take her out somewhere nice. Look at the placement of that shoulder pad - nicely balanced rig! Wardrobe includes SHAPE C300 Rig #Shape Pro Dual Follow Focus Shape Paparazzi Top Handle F&V #Volta V-Mount CameTV Front Handles #cametv Shoulder Pad @pvgear Carbon Fiber 15mm Rods #Cineroid EVF Rokinon #XEEN Cinema Prime #4KRAW #blackmagic #Ursa #UrsaMini #MiniUrsa

    Ok I admit. I was a bit skeptical because the big URSA was over 20lbs. The new #ursamini you see here is just 5lbs. Way lighter than I imagined it would be once you carry it. So much power in a compact package with 4K RAW and high 4K frame rates. Thanks to DVeStore for the loan! These babies are out of stock but contact for availabilities. #4K #RAW #Ursa #MiniUrsa

    At least all tour #DJI #Inspire1 ND Filters will still work perfectly on the #OSMO. Lets see what I can shoot today #4K #gimbal #120fps #Cheesycam

    Traveling is easier when you can bring a good gear cart. When I fly I need super compact so I own two of these portable mini folding hand trucks. Small enough to check in with my luggage. A long 18" nose (lower tray) handles big bags with ease and can carry up to 200lbs. Even has built in stair climbers. No flat tires with a pneumatic like ride. #gearcart #handtruck #rocknrollercart. Posted more info at

    That's all it takes to send the HDMI video feed wirelessly to a remote monitor! CameTV Kit is a clean and simple solution to transmit video up to 100m away. Just posted a video and a quick test at

    Holy cow this thing works sooo good. Can't believe its on sale for just $880 right now (from $1600). I heard so many people just grabbed a set in the last few days too. #cametv #wirelessfollowfocus. Check it out at

    #tbt That time we tested SLOG/VLOG on a whole bunch of Sony cameras #FS7 #A7s #A7sII #A7rII (and 1 #GH4). #Xeen #Rokinon #blackmagic #videoassist

    A bit of rambling but I just posted up a short video about the @fotodioxpro #NDThrottle. If you miss having a camera with built-in ND Filters the ND Throttle is a Variable ND filter built into a Lens Adapter. Especially when shooting in SLOG this is a must have piece of kit everyone should at least try. Regardless if you're using cheap #Rokinon lenses or high end Cinema Primes no more loose filters bulky matteboxes or expensive drop in filters. Watch the vid: