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Handsome Men! ;)

A tribute to the handsome men on the big screen, small screen or just good looking everyday men.

Handsome Men! ;)

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Sami Eskelin, damn, damn, damn! ;-) Chippendale

Sami Eskelin| Chippendales

Ryan Stuart, Aussie men are just too damn sexy! ;-) Chippendale

Ryan Stuart | Chippendales

Noah Sanderson, lord help me! ;-) Chippendale

Noah Sanderson | Chippendales

Matt Marshall, what a hottie with a body! ;-) Chippendale

Matt Marshall | Chippendales

Jonny Howes, that face though! ;-) Chippendale

Jonny Howes | Chippendales

Jaymes Vaughan, oh my! ;-) Chippendale

Jaymes Vaughan | Chippendales

Joey Pena, aye papi chulo! ;-) Damn these sexy Chippendale men!

Joey Pena | Chippendales

Gavin McHale, handsome devil! ;-) Another Chippendale man.

Gavin McHale| Chippendales

Cody Canyon, hello nurse! ;-) He's a Chippendale.

Cody Canyon | Chippendales

Oh my! What's not better than a gorgeous fire fighter posing with a cute dog for a calander?!

Charlie Hunnam, hot damn! ;)

Matthew Jerome Barr, is very good looking. Hello, nurse! Nice to know he's an Aquarius too. ;-)

Tim McGraw, is very handsome for an older man. Faith Hill, you lucky gal!

Tim McGraw - Country music's hottest hunks

Courtney Act a.k.a Shane Jenek out of drag is a very beautiful man. Too bad he doesn't like us ladies. ;)

Jonathan Bennett a.k.a Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls and Casey Gant from an episode of Veronica Mars, is quite handsome. Too bad he isn't into us ladies. ;-)

Lorenzo Insigne, don't let the suit fool you. Another sexy Itatlian soccer player. ;)

Mattia Destro, with his fresh face and luscious lashes. Another one of Italy's finest men who plays soccer. ;)

Antonio Candreva, yet stoic and grizzled. Not to mention he's an Italian soccer stud. ;)

Colin Farrell, another hunk of a man! ;-)

Roy H. a.k.a Bianca Del Rio (out of drag) is really adorable. ;)

  • Ashley Jordan
    Ashley Jordan

    Those dimples... *drool*

  • Ashley Jordan
    Ashley Jordan

    He's so handsome as a man. I swear, this is God's cruel joke to straight women everywhere! Haha!

Kevin Curridor, what a hunk! ;)

Donny Lewis

His name is Nick Bateman and here’s a picture of him in his underwear. | Introducing The Hottest Professional Bo Staffer In The World

Introducing The Hottest Professional Bo Staffer In The World

(1) Tumblr, I don't know who he is but DAYUM!

Colton Haynes, why hello there! ;)