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This is how I feel on a daily basis. I've yet to accept my "new normal" and yearn daily for my life "before NCS worsened." #NCS #POTS #tachybradysyndrome

And I'm pretty tired of everyone telling me to get over it and find new hobbies. What I lost was my whole life. Everything I loved to do is now impossible. No amount of forced hobbies will ever make up for what I lost.

Pain of fibromyalgia, this is soooo true. I do this and people think I can do more than I actually really can. People don't realize I have limits :( alot of the time they truly have NO IDEA the amount of stress it is just to do the dishes pretend not to hurt smile *yeah right ** so much more t say WE ARE NOT NORMAL WE DO WAY MORE THAN WE SHOULD DAILY JUST TO SEEM NORMAL piss off jerks