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Things that amuse me (on a scale from marginally to greatly)

Lazy College Senior. This describes my life.

This is allegedly a mountain, but all I can see is a rip in the universe. @Shannon Mojica

Essentially my life, I think.

Pretty accurate in general.

Freaks and geeks. They're all so little!

psych - hahahahah I love "Bruton Gaster" the most

retail robin

I love the person that made this.

For @Brent Ward...hahaha... We found him: The guy in math

...and if you've ever been made to watch it, you know that it's much worse than you could have ever imagined...Oh, Disney...

#funny #tumblr } THE TABLES HAVE BEEN TURNED ! } dad jokes

...and then there are retail workers with a deep love for Christmas who fluctuate between the two on a daily basis...