Writing their friend's names. Even kids who "don't like to write" love to write their names!

Mother's Day Edition: Fine Motor Friday!!

LOVE THIS FOR THE WRITING CENTER!-----Kindergarten name writing center using student names. This will help with learning names and making new friends at the beginning of the year.

Beginning of the year name activity

Name Rockets - Beginning of the year name activity. Can incorporate counting backwards and write numbers beside the rocket. Students will work on cutting out shapes as well as letter recognition.

Name fishing!

Adaptable to move with children's learning. Name fishing! for toddlers to learn how to spell their name--could do with numbers, alphabet, or any combo that could be put in order.would be great to practice sight words as well.

name puzzle

Name puzzle. Make cards with names and have those along with a box of magnetic letters so that child can find the correct letters to spell the name.

Also, turn sideways so they connect!

Top 5 Name Games for Kids

Name sensory for young children | Teach Preschool

Excellence in Early Childhood Education. Elmer's glue name sensory activity for preschoolers. Great for fine motor control - squeezing glue and drawing.

Salt Tray

Heart and hand prints in the salt tray in prek