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Rachel Ann Gamayon
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Doing this whenever chandler leaves again

This is an incredibly sweet idea. "Open when you need to know how much I love you; open when you don't feel beautiful; open when you need a laugh; open when you miss me; open when you're mad at me; open when you need a date night, etc.

I love this idea! ...... from the blog: I recently created a list of 101 reasons why I love you, for my husband. I thought back to when we were dating and how I had done the same thing, and thought it would be a great idea.  So I didnt leave it at that, I decided I would create an, All About You Basket, which would include my love letter but some gifts as well

Super Fun All About You Basket for your special spouse. Included is a list of 101 Reasons I love You. Great Idea for a spouse gift. Fun idea for fathers day

Cute idea

Compliments poster and Gratitude Board - great ideas for a waiting room or group room! kind over matter: How to Rock Kindness at Your Day Job + Free Compliments Poster (The Break Room Edition)

Jar of love notes i did this and he loves it! great gift idea for him or her

A jar full of little notes one through one hundred with reasons why I love her written on them. It was a cute random gift for my girlfriend I enjoyed making it very much.

Okay, so this one's really legit so I'm posting it on both boards. All you've got to do is get some craft/popsicle sticks and split them venly between you both. Create and write a short idea of a perfect date you'd like to go on (without sharing ideas). Come date night, shake up the jar, reach in and randomly grab a stick, and follow what it says. Have fun!

Get people to write a date night idea on Popsicle sticks, put on the guest book table. Date Jar - Romantic DIY Gift. Pick a few nights per month and draw a paper with an activity for just the two of you.

2 year anniversary gift for him! #giftsforhim #anniversary #DIY #anniversaryideas #relationships  I would totally do this but thats to much to do for 5 years!! maybe for my 2 year anniversary of marriage.

2 year anniversary gift for him! This idea is so cute! That would be way to much to do for the five years we've been together, though. I'll have to remember this as an add on for our two year anniversary of marriage.