If I ever had to be a red head, this is how to do it!

This shot has several great inspirations for a sexy boudoir shot, from the glamorous pinup hairstyle and sultry lip color to the pose, facial expression, and uber sexy leopard print, body hugging corset.

Vintage Hair Fashion


Bettie Page


Bettie Page


) Photographer Bunny Yeager & Bettie Page (Rt.) Bunny Yeager in her modeling days The pairing of pinup Bettie Page and shutterbug Bunnie Yeager was a deadly one-two punch…

Ava Gardner

Famous Hollywood Pin Up Girls of The 1940s and 1950's

Looking for a vintage bathing suit this summer? I'm sure Ava Gardner could give you some ideas. I love every swimsuit I've ever seen her .

love the dress

Dita Von Teese Quotes - a clever business woman, quirky individual & Pin Up Glamour is the creation of art and the creation of beauty!

pinup hair

If you are you looking for some quick hairstyles for long hair ? My today’s topic is all about some quick long hairstyles for the long hair. Find the best one for you.all the busy ladies gather here for some quick hairstyles for long hair.


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Dita Von Teese

As if it weren't already obvious. I just love Dita. Ultimate style icon, role model, everything. The woman is flawless.

marilyn monroe

Marilyn at Tobey Beach - Long Island . Photo session with umbrellas. "Red umbrella with white dots". Photo by Andre de Dienes.