Infant & toddler proofed Christmas tree. They can't reach or pull off ornaments or lights! (Place base of Christmas tree inside of a pack n play, assemble tree & fluff branches & decorate. Wrap the pack n play up with wrapping paper & a bow like a giant present)

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Chelsea Kaminski

Idea for Christmas Tree gate baby/pet proofing

Gossamer Creations

Toddler proofing the picket fence from Lowe's, could also add some glitter and snow to make it Santa-land...

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shipping crate tree stand..perfect for little ones running around!

34 Festive Holiday Projects to Make

Cut up pool noodles to keep kids from getting hurt on the trampoline springs.

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DIY baby gate

Rustic Modern: A New Baby Gate

Childproofing your home

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Genius! half door for any baby/kids room so you can hear if they wake, but they cant wander the house alone or play in their room while u cook, shower, clean. this would work for corralling pets too.


LOVE!! barn door baby gate or pet gate!!

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Deck Gate Lock ~ No pinched fingers or broken nails!

What god has joined together let man not separate . . .tattoo idea but maybe on ring fingers

LOVE!! barn door baby gate or pet gate!!

DIY Barn Door Baby Gate {Remodelaholic}

Baby or pet gate made of pvc pipes

How To Make Your Own Custom-Length Baby Gate | SnugasaBugBaby

DIY baby gate (made of two shower rods and a fabric panel) to fit in awkward spaces that most baby gates won't. Smart!

Done is Better than Perfect: DIY baby gate

Pocket gate

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For ALL Moms: Door Jammer - allows you to open and close baby's door without making a sound. Keeps little ones from shutting themselves in the room. (This would be a great gift for new moms.) Add to scrap fabric ideas! - BRILLIANT!!!

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Why haven't I thought of this?!

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how to make your own baby gate- great and cheap idea! Plus you can make it fit any size you need.

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Inexpensive Toddler Proof Door Stopper - use a pool noodle! No more shutting doors or smashed fingers :)

Diana Mattoni - Inexpensive Toddler Proof Door Stopper