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Hungry Gator Gal: Yoga Workout Playlist

Hungry Gator Gal: Yoga Workout Playlist

Pack 6 days worth of nice clothes, shoes, toiletries into a carry-on bag with room left over! Pin now, read later for trip

Natural Spider Killer ∙ Keep this in mind if you start seeing lots of spiders around your place. Natural spider killer or preventer... take one cup of vingar, one cup of pepper, a teaspoon of oil and liquid soap. Put it into a spray bottle and spray along the outside of your outside door and along windows; refresh after it rains.

Orajel for Mosquito Bites- This is a sure fix for mosquito bites. Every time you get bitten by a mosquito, use Orajel or any toothache gel medicine and it works! It stops the itching instantly and will not itch again. It isn't greasy, sticky, or smelly. It's convenient to put right in your pocket. I MUST TRY THIS.

Self-Tanner Homemade Sunless Tanner What you’ll need: 4 black tea bags 2 cups boiling water Sponge or spray bottle (Either sponge it on or spray it on, followed by rubbing it down into the skin) OR Cocoa powder Body lotion

How to tie a scarf

Try a little reflexology. The parts of your foot correspond to different parts of your body. Learn more about the benefits of reflexology here.

21 Foot Care Tricks To Treat Your Tired And Sore Feet

Unique techniques to prevent acne. Also includes other tips, like 2 different pimple covering makeup tutorials. Useful.

18 Acne Hacks, Tips and Tricks To Get Rid Of and Cover Up Pimples

I love Vicks. Use it for everything. Weird that putting it on your feet stops cough but it really works!

Relieve Itchy Mosquito and Wasp Bites with Vick's Vapo Rub

Shirts you like but are so stiff you'll never wear them? Here's a recipe to soften them up and create a "vintage tee" look and feel.

5 Things To Try This Weekend |

I would try this just because if it works that's awesome and if not my armpits will just smell like coffee.


Permanent marker leaked all over your favorite shirt? Grab some hand sanitizer!

life hacks (1) - Dump A Day

this website is awesome. You put in a road trip and it shows you all the cool places to stop along the way, mileage, and even how much gas will cost!

Road Trip - Discover Your America with Roadtrippers

Life Hacks

Goodreads 100 Books You Should Read in a Lifetime

good to know

Clothing care symbols

Homemade Facial Mask Recipes

Don't Buy It- Make It! Recipes for: toothpaste, Bar Soap, Liquid soap, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, linen spray, dishwasher soap, dryer sheets, disinfectant wipes, baby wipes, fabric softener, oven glass cleaner, facial toner, makeup remover, laundry soap, room & body spray, acne treatment, facial mask, hand lotions, and lip balm.

Child-Proof your apps so glad I found this!!

Best secret to super smooth legs: shave, then use an olive oil/sugar scrub, shave again ... It will get off dead skin you didn't realize was even there. I've tried it all, this really works!

25 Lifehacks For Your TinyCloset-- BRILLIANT

101 ideas for "I'm Bored" Jar

18 Awesome Body Hacks

Other pinner says I've used baby Oil as shaving cream for about a year now! It gives a closer shave AND softer legs! :) And, apparently, it makes the blade last longer! oh yeah!