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Made me laugh!!! :P

Made me laugh!!! :P

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Accurate. Oh, the plight of being a woman.


I love this movie lol

Minion Direction:D best. Thing. EVER


Yup doing this to my mom right now


Hahahahahaha yess

Well played, Target. Well Played

From a University of Michigan student offering a "Walk of Shame" Shuttle... this girl is so funny! This seriously just made my day!

You no come stay 4 hours...hilarious

you've got to be kidding


omg looks just like chloe!

Lazy College Student oh the memories

omg hahahaha


Hahahaha !!!


I laughed louder than I should have.

so great! lol

LMAO!! Why do they like to DO THAT???

omg sick!

guilty... do this all the time

Yo grandma take my pic like this.