beautiful people

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i'm the hero of this story. i don't need to be saved.

"I'm the hero of this story, I don't need to be saved" -Regina Spektor This is your life. Be your own hero.


Grey tattoo with a pop of color in the purple flower. Lose those icky bugs & I adore this.

This is beautiful!

Floral Shoulder Tattoo for Women , unique tattoo on body - Tattoo 4 Me with great pin of Floral Shoulder Tattoo for Women , unique tattoo on body

Awesome braid

I love braids. I think it will be my Summer hair style. I want to learn how to do all types of braids. My daughter is finally letting me do.


Vintage Small Quote Tattoos for Girls - Inspirational Foot Small. - Tattoo - Sexy: Check out Dieting Digest

Jeff Bridges.

The Dude Abides/ Jeff Bridges by Mark Seliger, New York. The classic black and white portrait, never goes out of style.


Winter Women Staples Plaid, pearls, and a cable knit sweater. love this old school preppy style.


Johnny Cash is a man who I have grown up listening to on CDs on repeat since I was a baby. There is no artist more deserving of praise for his/her soulful country music than the Man in Black. Love him

Brad Pitt

Hollywood Hot 7 Sexy Actor Brad Pitt Wallpaper Stylish Hollywood Superstar Brad Pitt Smiling Picture of Handsome Brad Pitt Superstar .

Jude Law

Now i dont say any guy is sexy.When i say a guy is sexy, now that means he is sexy!