Red by Irakli Nadar

Irakli Nadar Freelance Artist -- Share via Artstation iOS App, Artstation © 2015

The Four Horseman Pt. 2

Funny pictures about The Four Horseman By Daniel Karamudin. Oh, and cool pics about The Four Horseman By Daniel Karamudin. Also, The Four Horseman By Daniel Karamudin photos.

ArtStation - First Encounter, Hristo Chukov

Encounter with an advanced race, space opera and sci-fi inspiration ArtStation - First Encounter, Hristo Chukov:

Stephen Youll - "Navigators of Dune" book cover

Stephen Youll - Cover Illustration for Navigators of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J.

Hay cada ciborg que es molón que te cagas

Incredibly Cool Original Sci-Fi Character Designs — GeekTyrant Really cool armor, I really like the flow of the jacket and the almost daft punk looking helmet

#emilykinney - "If any doubt remained that the strange structure was a portal, it vanished as soon as the mist melted away. Fynn, simultaneously fighting off cardiac arrest and blinking profusely, couldn't move (aside from the afore mentioned blinking). His jaw was slack, his arm frozen in the air, his hand still coiled firmly around the pulley, and all he could do was gape."

♂ Dream Imagination Surrealism Knocking on heaven’s door by Jie Ma Reminds me of doctor who

Leto Atreides II, God Emperor of Dune.

More Dune art. This character is a little deeper into the story; about the fourth book Leto becomes a God. He is an immortal who can see into the future. Leto Atreides II, God Emperor of Dune