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Several flower vendors! Boats at Saigon Flower Market, Vietnam by Frank Fischbach. The flowers will be sold for the Vietnamese New Year festival Tet.

Vietnam Travel Cheat Sheet

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Snapshot of life in Vietnam. A Vietnamese traditional hat salesman on his bike.people working with basket working with basket Basket at work

Ultimate Food Guide to Vietnam - The best traditional Vietnamese dishes, from north to south.

Vietnamese Food: The Ultimate Food Guide

Ultimate Food Guide to Vietnam - The best traditional Vietnamese dishes, from north to south via Travel + Leisure. Great info for travel to Vietnam.

Tran Thi, Hanoi, Vietnam | Where railways are 3 feet apart from your doorsteps

Tran Thi, Hanoi, Vietnam We are about to book a flight to Hanoi and a Mekong River cruise for next year.

Hanoi Old Quarter (Vietnam). 'Get agreeably lost in the city’s centuries-old Old Quarter, a frantic commercial labyrinth where echoes of the past are filtered and framed by a thoroughly 21st-century energy. Discover Vietnam’s culinary flavours and aromas at street level, perched on a tiny chair eating iconic Hanoi dishes like pho bo, bun cha and banh cuon.'

Hanoi Old Quarter (Vietnam). Discover Vietnam’s culinary flavors eating dishes like pho bo, bun cha and banh cuon.

Amid the vegetables . Vietnam

One of the markets in Bali, Indonesia where locals go to grab their food supplies for the week.

Hué, Vietnam

Hue, Vietnam - Hué, Vietnam's old imperial capital. It is located in the center of the country along the Perfume River, which serves as backdrop and source of the city's many fish markets, one of the bedrocks of its captivating cuisine.

Street market selling the numerous variations of Che Hem (sweet soup) in Hanoi, Vietnam

Enjoy the task of the local Vietnamese sweet called 'chè'. You can find this at Chè Hẻm