Writing Prompt: It was the memory of her off-kilter grin that did it. She died once, and I died every morning after.

  Quince just launched a new book of knitting patterns with Hannah Fettig and I love the designs! The photos were shot at an old inn in Maine. I love all the old-school wallpapers. Photos: Quince.

ashley. twenty-four years old. east coast born, austin texas livin.' i love to dream and i love beautiful things. ENFJ. this is a blog of the pretty things that inspire me. (and the occasional laugh.) I came. I saw. I reblogged.

Some ladies blame normcore movement for its boyish look, but everyone forgets about its practicality and functionality. Today I bring you 29 Mom jeans what look

MINIMAL + CLASSIC: The French Look, natural makeup, red lipstick - Try a lip stain like RMS Lip2Cheek for a lasting effortless look

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