Wooden Ruler Height Chart

Personalised Wooden Ruler Height Chart 'Kids Rule'

A great Father's Day gift that enables dad to chart the growth his kids or grand children with this 'Kids Rule' Wooden Ruler Height Chart Mid Oak. Wish I had thought of this year's ago!

Un gilet kimono en tricot pour enfant / Knitted cardigan for kid, kimono.

Gilet kimono pour enfant tricoté en alpaga d'un seul tenant avec col en liberty I have made this in a stripe - need to try it out with a shirt like this one.


It takes only 5 minutes to make the 5 Minute Skirt, a free, easy sewing pattern for beginners. Whether you're in a hurry to get somewhere or you don't have time for a huge project, the 5 Minute Skirt is the perfect solution.

Jeux de dés en Bois DIY

Jeux de dés en Bois DIY