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Economy & Economics

Economy & Economics

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How The Super Rich Avoid Paying Taxes

Beatrice Webb and Sidney Webb What do two socialist economists, writers, and political/social reformers in love do? They form a groundbreaking gradualist and reformist society, establish the London School of Economics, and dine with the leading thinkers of their day.

New Frontier in Student Debt: It Stifles the Housing Recovery By DAN KADLEC

Is U.S. Economic Growth a Thing of the Past? By CHRISTOPHER MATTHEWS


The gold standard delusion Like border walls and biblical literalism, the gold standard falsely promises certainty in the midst of chaos BY ANDREW LEONARD

Today's Profit.

Give a Man the World... ????... Profit?

Capitalism Protest WHAT?!? lol

Rent-seeking is a phrase increasingly in vogue by folks without real jobs. Wikipedia defines it as “an attempt to obtain economic rent by manipulating the social or political environment in which economic activities occur, rather than by creating new wealth.” Synonym: the U.S. defense industry and its allies, c. 2012.

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"I guess a sluggish recovery is better than no recovery."

Healthcare Costs are Slowing Down

Home Economics: Will Rising Food Prices Ruin the Recovery? Soaring grain prices threaten to add new troubles to a global economy already in trouble


Why It’s Time for Central Bankers to Say: ‘No More!’ Easy money and central bank intervention are not the answers to the stumbling global recovery

High Frequency Trading: Wall Street’s Doomsday Machine?

Maybe, Just Maybe, the Economy is Starting to Recover —By Kevin Drum| Mon Aug. 6, 2012

Editorial Cartoons - Photos

Editorial Cartoons



Cartoonists Take On The Debt Crisis


Allen Ginsberg, 1945. Photo via.

Following Barclays' Scandal, Stiglitz says 'Send Bankers to Jail' Without threat of prosecution, says Nobel economist, expect little to changeChairman of United Kingdom-based Barclays bank Marcus Agius in London. The chairman of Barclays announced his resignation Monday July 2, 2012 after accepting responsibility for a price-fixing scandal that saw the bank slapped with trans-Atlantic fines of $453 million. Last week,

Following Barclays' Scandal, Stiglitz says 'Send Bankers to Jail'