to dust

Ocean Front, the Malecon, Havana, Cuba. Many of the sea front buildings are very eroded - but still magnificant.

Abandoned Building in Baile Herculane - Romania

Abandoned Building in Baile Herculane - too obsessed with old houses and building . iwould love to look around

the 33 most beautiful abandoned places in the world~No.26  Abandoned city of Keelung, Taiwan~Wow!

The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

a tree grew through

Love this-nature has taken over. Roof gone, floors gone. Tree growing inside what once was a building, long-since abandoned.

turquoise and amazing round window

Just above the sink I want a large round window.LARGE---HUGE---Giiiii-GAN-TIC round window above the sink. From top of the sink to top of the ceiling "large".


"Tree embeded into the wall in Mian Ram Singh Haveli, Rawalpindi, Pakistan." Almost looks fossilized.