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Terrariums are great for plants that require moist, humid environments. Succulents don't usually prefer these types of conditions. Because succulents use their thick, fleshy leaves and stems to hold water, they don't need moist, humid conditions. Traditional closed terrariums hold in moisture and humidity. These wet environments will rot and kill succulents in very little time. In order to successfully marry the two, you'll need to make a few easy tweaks to the traditional terrarium.

Everyone should believe in something. I believe I should go to the beach. Click on this image to see the biggest selection of beach and ocean quotes!

And don't forget... even though black nails make a certain kind of statement, you can always find a way to express your love.

This. I needed to hear this. You can only be numb for so long, but accepting that what happened is honestly the best thing that you can do for yourself. I am just one step closer to finding my soul mate..

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