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Good Information

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Sparkling clean, ONLY using water! Grease and all. This saves me so much money on cleaning supplies! - Or so she says...

The Best Cleaning Cloth in the World ... for real. - Or so she says...

How to Avoid Chemo Side Effects - natural ideas to get the poison of chemo safely out of the patient

Chemo with Hardly Any Side Effects? Mission: Possible | Kitchen Stewardship | A Baby Steps Approach to Balanced Nutrition

What does magnesium do? It's involved in hundreds of reactions throughout your body. You need magnesium: www.easy-immune-h...

What tea to drink according to what ailment you have

The Skinny Rules

Love. Laugh. Sew.: Saturday Weigh In

33 Perfect Health and Beauty benefits of Turmeric

33 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Turmeric

How to Become a Morning Person via Greatist

How to Become a Morning Person

Dry out banana peels, break them apart, and bury them around your roses to make them bloom like crazy. photo credit mugur

womens health 25 ridiculously healthy foods | 25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods by Women's Health | Fitness & Health. You may as well print this out & post it on your wall because it is absolutely on point!

Dry Body Brushing Benefits

A helpful graphic to remember which direction to brush when "dry skin brushing" to help lymph circulate in the body. (Helps the body detox and improves skin tone and texture)

Ashley's Green Life: Dry Skin Brushing: What Is It & How To Do It

10 Daily Steps for Less Stress via visualistan

Ginger has been used for centuries to help ease nausea. Read our blog post to learn how a certified anesthesiologist uses ginger and other essential oils in his medical practice.

Line your shelves with easy-to-clean mats. | 27 Brilliant Hacks To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized

27 Brilliant Hacks To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized


15 Things You Should Stop Putting Yourself Through

How to wear a shirt over a strapless dress Clothes Outift for teens movies girls women . summer fall spring winter outfit ideas dates parties Polyvore :) Catalina Christiano

foods to help heal YOUR inflamation

natural hair remedies

Skin Brushing: Stimulate Lymph Drainage, Detoxify, Ditch Cellulite!

Skin Brushing 101 - GreenSmoothieGirl

Detoxifying the lymphatic system: why & how

5 Easy Daily Detox Routines - Empowered Sustenance

Regular dry brushing of your skin increases circulation, stimulates elimination of cellulite, and softens and smooths your skin surface. It can also improve lymphatic drainage, sluggish immune systems and poor digestion.

How To Dry Body Brush - What It Is and A Step By Step Guide