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Balloon ‘Stress’ Balls What you need: Balloons Flour/Sand/Seeds (they all create different tactile sensations) A Funnel A chopstick Instructions: Place the open end of the balloon over the funnel end Fill the funnel with flour use the chopstick to push it into the balloon Repeat until your balloon is filled to desired size Tie off your balloon Tip- You can pull more balloons over the top to create a multi-coloured ball! Enjoy :)

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Homemade Bird Feeders: Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

Want a fun, cheap, and easy Christmas craft for kids? These Homemade Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders are sure to do the trick! You likely already have most everything you need for this fun winter activity for kids plus these homemade bird feeders make great DIY gifts for teachers, friends, and family.

How to Make Bubble Snakes

These bubble snakes are an EASY activity for kids! All you need is an empty water bottle and one mismatched sock!

How to make a dream catcher for kids on! A simple crafts for kids that is fun and easy to do.