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For Friends

For Friends

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ravens drawing by Christian Hammer

Ravens Drawing | Art and Illustration of Christian Hammer

cool mermaid flipper

Mahina Mermaid MerFin Mermaid Flipper - Urban Outfitters


How to Make Penny Floor - Craftspiration - Handimania

Delicate Crochet Flower Necklace in Moss Green Kayla Barkett knadler

Pink bowls with lace detail Lyndsey Wanner

Hannah Applequist-Twichell This would look great on you

  • Hannah Applequist-Twichell
    Hannah Applequist-Twichell

    It's so cute!

Ashley McKenzie

#Libelle KitchenAid ♥ // Minty House Blog Hannah Applequist-Twichell - this looks like it could be in your kitchen!

CHANEL Pink evening gown Lyndsey Wanner - found another one!

  • Lyndsey Wanner
    Lyndsey Wanner

    Look at that bow!

Smith and Wesson 38 Special with pink grips Lyndsey Lake Wanner

Bonnie Rosser Mosaic Bath tub - do one of these in shells for Maui - or how about one in pearls and brooches?!

Annie Rolufs 74 Of The Tiniest, Most Tasteful Tattoos Ever

Bonnie Rosser replace the light bulbs in an old chandelier with inexpensive solar lights. Hang it from a tree branch.

AB Creations: Crocheted Barefoot Sandals Free Pattern. @Kayla Knadler

@RebeccaRolufs -Long Dog Pillow in Bubblegum

Mobisante’s Ultrasound Device Works With A Smartphone... This is awesome

Pink shabby chic trailer redo - Lipstick Gypsy's Vintage trailer

Cherish Home Everyday: Lipstick Gypsy
  • Darcy McCully-Sexton 💞💗🎀
    Darcy McCully-Sexton 💞💗🎀

    Love love it!!!!

  • Linda Scott
    Linda Scott

    love these ladies great vintage tie dye slips

Shabby kitchen

Vintage tea pot in the shape of a camper trailer Bonnie S. Rosser - I think you need this for your tea!!

Bonnie Rosser @Whitney Fales

Sand & Sea Dahlia #wedding #bouquet

Lyndsey Wanner - I found your hutch!