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Mãos que abraçam, pois um toque "vale mais que trinta  palavras"! @vivyrms

Photography page: For Photography Board? When the pages of my life end, I know that you will be one of its most beautiful chapters.

Step 1) sleep in on Sunday morning on your Ghostbed memory foam mattress Step 2) coffee, books, and messy hair

I chose this image because my business started quietly working in coffee shops and later meeting my future clients in them! Also I love this style - the minimalism, the candid moments, and the act of doing things by hand (taking notes, drawing logos)

Fall Florals via Mindy Mae's Market

Set your alarms, New Releases hit…

.well... hello beautiful!

I love this beautiful black cat. He's adorable and sweet, while at the same time being beautiful and mysterious. I love cats, but black cats are the best!