Saul Steinberg

Saul Steinberg, Great idea for making a boring chair or furniture interesting, wall art

Pixel pour!

New York (USA) - ‘Pixel Pour‘ - 2008 by the artist Kelly Goeller of //kneeon, who is a New York based animation studio that creates unique visuals through an ever-changing mix of animation, live action, pixels, and fluorescence.

Marina Seadrift Proportions by JoceyDraws on deviantART . Character Sketch / Drawing Illustration Inspiration

Marina Seadrift Proportions by *JoceyDraws on deviantART Talk about a blast from the past.

Mini street art in New Jersey USA by Joe Irate

Street art of the week #45 green street art

The American artist Joe Iurato magnifies his paintings with talent and sense of composition. Using small wooden figures he carves and paints, he joined them in

Street Art Skull Bus

Street Art Skull Bus--would be SO cute to paint my VW Beetle as a skull!