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force of nature

God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone,but also on trees,and in the flowers,clouds and stars...martin luther

force of nature

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Mount Ararat Eruption

The opportunist visionary • Mount Ararat Eruption

Moore, Oklahoma…5-13-2013

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Northern Lights as seen from space. Image: NASA

Volcanic Eruption Cloud, Chile

Positano, Italy

GREAT photo of nature's furry, might & majesty!!!


Amazing Lightning

Amazing Lightning | A1 Pictures

Imminent Storm - Geneva, Minnesota

Amazing shot of tornado

Storm approaching

when lightning strikes ...


Angry Nature Tornado

From "Incredible Tidal Wave Cloud Rolls Over Richmond" story by Accu Weather on Storify —

Storm sunset. Gorgeous

Twitter / NationalGeograC: Puesta de Sol entre la tormenta. ...

“Lightning Storm © Marc Ilicic”

Landscape & Animals

Storm Cloud, Pilbara, Washington. Credit: Christian Fletcher

Lightning over Tuscon, Arizona

Lightning over Tuscon, Arizona | Picture Store


Your Weather Photos - Chicago Weather Center

This is NOT a lightening tornado! It's the eruption of Chile’s Chaitén volcano. The plume of ash is thought to generate enough static electricity to cause what is called a “dirty thunderstorm” in the same way that colliding ice particles provide the juice for regular thunderstorms. Scary but beautiful at the same. #nature #science #inspiration #storm

Waterspout in Liguria, Italy

Page Not Found - Sun Gazing

Light pillar phenomenon

File:FairbanksUAFLightPillars.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

amazing http://cloud......…..It looks like a mushroom cloud after a nuclear bomb.

storm approaching

4/3/2014 9:16pm A tornado forming News just on television tornadoes WARNING to in times of weather go there.

National and Local Weather Forecast, Hurricane, Radar and Report


this is the malarky for all your shenanigans

The Northern Lights in Alaska