101 Photoshop tips you have to know

Adobe Elements 13 introduces new features for novice Photoshop users

101 Photoshop tips you have to know Another great set of Photoshop (and usable in Elements) tips from Digital Camera World. This site has a lot of great information!

photoshop tutorials in one place

Photoshop tutorials, tips and news

Photoshop tutorials, tips and news The site is fully on auto-pilot and updates all by itself at the time interval you specify. All the best tutorials, tips and lessons! Photoshop is a hugely popular software receiving over 50 million searches/month!

Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper in Photoshop | 10Steps.SG

Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper in Photoshop. My PaintShop Pro doesn't have a Watercolor effect, so I used colored pencil and played around with the mask, etc. Love taking these tutorials and doing my own thing with them in PSP.

Fit text in a shape

This year, I'm going to learn how to use Photoshop! A tutorial: How to use Photoshop to type a text at the border of a ship or fit a paragraph into a shape

Photo Sho

Make leash hanger step by step tutorial that breaks down how to go from an image to a silhouette that you can import into Studio.

An easy Photoshop tutorial on how to create glitter

SPARKLY SWEET: An easy Photoshop tutorial on how to create glitter. Because you can never get enough glitter.

Masking Photoshop Tutorial

Masking in Photoshop to remove unwanted objects - when you have an image that is symmetrical or nearly so, and one side is perfect while the other is wrought with problems - duplicate the background and flip the layer horizontally.