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Canning butter (says it will keep for 3 years). Comment says: My cousin makes this... but shakes the butter a few times as it cools. When it is finished, it is nicely blended, the consistency of soft margarine or butter from a tub, no mixing needed, great for spreading on toast just as it is. She now cans all her butter and rotates it into her years supply.

Teresa Tronier Photography: Butter in Your Food Storage

This has to be one of my absolute favourite jellies to make.  With a mix of sweet and just a kick of heat, it makes for the perfect meat top...

Peppered Jalapeño‎ Jelly Canning Recipe - This Lil Piglet

This is the BEST pepper jelly you will ever taste. Seriously, this is the ONE recipe your friends will request again and again!

Spicy and sweet habanero-jalapeno jelly

Steps to Resealing Your Food Storage.

Sterilizing Jars for home canning. Procedures and how to know if you need to..

Apple Pie Jam - tastes like apple pie on a spoon, perfect jam for fall with bites of apples » Recipes, Food and Cooking

Apple Pie Jam - Recipes, Food and Cooking

How To Pickle Okra | Step 1: Boil Jars |

How To Pickle Okra

The Kitchen is My Playground: Spicy Pickled Okra ... no canning required (SO MUCH OKRA! Does anyone have the supplies for hot process canning?)

Pickled Okra | This easy pickling recipe is very forgiving; you'd have to work to mess it up. If you've got very small okra, then use half-pint jars instead. |

26 Southern Pickle Recipes to Relish

Paula Deen's Pickled Okra--first of three recipes we are trying to figure out which we like best.

Paula Deen Pickled Okra Recipe —

Homemade Ricotta Cheese - 4 Ingredients, 2 minutes cooking time. SO much better than store bought! Outside of the typical uses, try it with honey and black pepper! Amazing!

Spaghetti sauce Sounds fun! 4 quarts Fresh Or Frozen Tomatoes ¾ cups Canola Oil ¼ cups Sugar 2 Tablespoons Italian Seasonings 1 Tablespoon Oregano, Chopped 1 teaspoon Basil, Chopped 2 teaspoons Black Pepper 1 dash Hot Pepper Sauce Or A Pinch Of Dried Hot Peppers 4 cloves Garlic, Large 1 Tablespoon Salt 1 cup Onion, Chopped 1 cup Bell Pepper, Chopped 1 can Tomato Paste (12 Oz.)

Spaghetti Sauce

Freezing Soup

How to Freeze Perfect Portions of Soup

Jam Making 101: The Secrets to Getting Jam to Set Like a Pro

Jam Making 101: The Secrets to Getting Jam to Set Like a Pro

Pineapple Jalapeno Jam

Cooking on the Cheap: Pineapple-Jalapeño Jam

Just because you're preparing for hurricane disasters doesn't mean you have to eat like a poor college student. These meals in jars have shelf lives of 5 to 7 years. This blog has instructions on how to make a large variety of meals that can be prepared with minimal effort and resources.

Quick Confetti Pickles | No time to can? No problem. These refrigerator pickles are easy—and so colorful that you'll want to shingle them on buttered brown bread or put them in a glass bowl just to show them off. |

26 Southern Pickle Recipes to Relish

Canning Jars 101

Three Simple Ways to Preserve Peppers- Pure Grace Farms

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad in a Jar - I make this salad on Sunday and have for lunch on Meatless Mondays. Drizzle with our homemade Vinaigrette. #cleaneating #superfoods #lowcalorie

Lemon Curd (Stove Top or Microwave Method) Lime or Orange Curd

Jalapeno Pineapple Jam - Small Batch Canning A GREAT NEW YEAR DIY PROJECT... Sweet HEAT!!! This is very useful. Just pour over a brick of cream cheese for a FAST DELICIOUS BRAG-worthy APPETIZER, add to BBQ sauce for a sweet heat filled kick, Grits, Rice, a Vinaigrette Salad Dressing... A Unique way to introduce yourself to small batch canning... DELICIOUS AND EASY!

Great tutorial on dehyrating eggs for later use from Poverty Prepping: Dehydrating Eggs

Great site for food storage meals in a jar. Shelf life is 5 to 7 years. Awesome. If anything, it's a great place to find recipes for your existing food storage.