Large cone thread solution Why didn't I think of this?

sewing hack tip Cone Thread Stand To complete the holder, place a small safety pin on your spool holder, and run the thread through the eye. Then thread your machine as usual.

For seriously damaged vintage linens, this is a gorgeous reuse. Of course, you don't want to cut up ones that are still good!

old embroidered linens turned into buntings with ric-rac and bias tape - I'll have to have my sister make this for me out of my ridiculously large collection of vintage embroidered hankies and linens.

This Graphic Shows You How to Repair Common Clothing Problems

This Graphic Shows You How to Repair Common Clothing Problems

Sewing Machine Maintenance.

Sewing Machine Maintenance NEVER EVER take a lint filled machine to see the sewing machine doctor unless it is perfectly clean! They will know you are serious about your machine and get right to the issue.not chalk it up to "dirty machine"!

In my world, cute is king. I am totally one of those suckers that will pay extra or spend more time making something that is a cuter version of an everyday object. I’ve been in love with a few cactus pincushions I’ve seen online, and while I wanted to make one for myself, I couldn’t just choose one type to make! Solution? Make them all!

There's nothing more appropriate (and stylish) for holding needles in than this DIY desert plant. Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess

Backpack of Chenille Tapestry Boho Backpack by piperscrossing, via Etsy.

Backpack of Chenille Tapestry Boho Backpack Durable Fabric Backpack Boho Slingbag Renaissance Backpack Chenille Backpack Backpacks

Classy Chenille Boho Bag Green and Black by piperscrossing, $40.00

Classy Chenille Boho Bag Green and Black Drawstring Bag Black Velvet Bag Bohemian Bag Crossbody Purse by piperscrossing on Etsy

Burda  pattern selection boho maxi collection

Boho Spirit: 12 New Women's Sewing Patterns

Piggy Bank | 10 Adorable Stuffed Animals You Can DIY

Piggy Bank

set of four felt piggy banks What an adorable way to keep track of loose change! This set of felt piggy banks comes with one of each color, so you can keep one for yourself and give the rest as gifts!