teeth purse

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Purse with teeth - Nancy Fouts. Where can I add teeth in my stuff?


Spray tan fail, I cant stop laughing at the poor guy! He's all eyeballs and teeth!


This woman wearing "nude" tights. I can't believe Lowe's let her work in them. I will never be able to go to Lowes again. Fashion Tip # 14 - NO NUDE TIGHTS!

Too crazy for me!!

Is this real? Can you really get a tattoo on your tongue? I think I want a tattoo on my tongue.

"No show" shapewear for men at Target.  Really?!?!

Spanx are evil - but maybe if men wore them for a while they would stop being so mean to women who aren't photoshop perfect.

Planned Parenthood launches app to "check in" location of sex ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!

Planned Parenthood Launches Mobile App to “Check In” Location of Sex

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