Sea dragon with full tummy

Sea dragon with full tummy - amazingly beautiful! looks like scuba divers inside the belly

Seahorse Unicorn X-Ray by extramatic, via Flickr

Animals made from seashell x-ray photos by Jim Wehtje, via Behance. Seahorse, skeleton, x ray, unicorn.

I Spy Animals: Sea horses have distinct paterns of their very own.

The zebra seahorse (Hippocampus zebra) is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae family. It is endemic to Australia. This species of fish has been found in and around coral reefs. The maximum reported depth is 69 m. It is on the list of threatened species.


There are about 40 known species of seahorse. Seahorses prefer to swim in pairs with their tails linked together. They swim upright and avoid predators by mimicking the colour of underwater plants.

White Pygmy Seahorse found on sea fans with same coloration. Raja Ampat, Indonesia

White Pygmy Seahorse Raja Ampat, Indonesia - found on sea fans with same coloration.


What a wonderful creature! Pink pygmy seahorse on a sea fan in the Malaysian section of the South Pacific island of Borneo. photo by Vickie Coker via National Geographic.


Beautiful silhouette of sea horse Join Our Page ➤ The Amazing Wild Nature


This is a great idea for a seahorse tattoo. I love the silhouette, and sharp edges.


Jean Painlevé - L’Hippocampe 1934 "Wading around in water up to your ankles or navel, day and night, in all kinds of weather, even in areas where one is sure to find nothing. This is the ecstasy of any addict.

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expression-venusia: “ Spiny Seahorse Expression ”

Spiny sea horse I love the color blue and I love seahorses so this image makes me happy. I don't want to make a still life of this, but I want to use the color and the shape. I also want to acquire a pet seahorse.


To see a Seahorse in the wild ! in the ocean rather than an aquarium ., a beautiful blue, this is like wow!

Sea dragon

Sea dragon with full tummy - amazingly beautiful! looks like scuba divers inside the belly

Male Seahorse in Labor | Content in a Cottage

A Male Sea Horse Birthing. Grosses me out a little bit . But, I think this is so COOL the male Sea Horse carries and births the babies!

#Seahorse. Shrimp trawling is wiping out seahorse populations. Protect these magical creatures by choosing a plant-based diet.

I love sea Creature! Unlike most sea creatures, sea horses are monogamous for life and are the only species on earth in which the male carry the unborn young. *I love sea creatures*

Zebra Seahorse

Zebra seahorse, Hippocampus zebra (not a striped version of a different species) is only found in Australian waters.

Deniz atlari

Seahorses - I am SOOO IN LOVE with these little fellas, salt-water fish tank to be added shortly to "Dream House" board ; | Seahorse | I don't know if this coloration is due to the seahorse's color changing ability, the UV lighting, or a bit of both. The larger size has more detail.

(RE&D) K-PAX Seahorse, tints of blue, classical green along with soulful orange is the title given to 54 species of marine fish in the genus Hippocampus. "Hippocampus" comes from the Ancient Greek hippos meaning "horse" and kampos meaning "sea monster.


rhamphotheca: “ Monogamous Animals: Sea Horses Scientists have studied only a handful of species of seahorses (genus Hippocampus), but all of them appear to practice some form of monogamy. After her eggs are fertilized, a female seahorse passes them.

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Yes, this is an animal. The Spanish dancer (Hexabranchus sanguineus - meaning "blood-colored six-gills") is a dorid nudibranch (sea slug). I think it's great color and design inspiration for a crocheted afghan.

By Di Calder paint and fabric

By Di Calder paint and fabric<-----what a beautiful seahorse.

A "herd" of seahorses (@Stun Wild)

A Cavalcade of Seahorses Pregnant seahorse males, bellies big with embryos, rest in seagrass.