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Did you know?

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Nothing is exactly how it once was before...

Did you now that flat-faced dog breeds, including the pug, are more prone to heat exhaustion? Photo from American Kennel Club.

Did you now that the average lifespan for a dog is highest in Montana or South Dakota averaging a life of 12.4 Years?

Did you now if you are with Progressive or Auto-Owners, and your pets are in car accident with you , they are covered!

Endangered Elephants in India Have a Surprising New Threat. Speeding trains! Did you now that one elephant is killed every 15 minutes by poachers!!

Did you now that soda is one of the most toxic drinks for your body? They contain aspartame (rat poison), and they are filled with processed sugars, dyes, and chemicals. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about soda. Fruit juice anyone?!

Did you now bananas are very acidic? They should only be eaten every once in awhile for enjoyment like for dessert. BUT- there are many GOOD uses for bananas besides eating them!!! 15 uses of Bananas.

Honestly this is what the kids did the other day! Too funny!

did you now this bird is dull compared to the other birds of paradise

Haha! XD Don't you just love cats? I think the dog also had something to do w/ making this mess.


Did you now

Did you now???

I like this! Incredibly useful tips to charge your iPhone faster

A Good Life #Quote #Inspiration #Motivation #Life

12 Amazing Natural Beauty Remedies.

12 Things Not to Spend Money On Not a bad list!


12 DIY Projects to Spruce Up a Dorm Room

Interesting idea . . . it would have to be a really big rubber band though

If coke can do that, I will definitely never drink that again.

Bananas, really? I'll have to try this and see if it does.