Boy costume + Tutu = Girl costume :)

Add a tutu to any boys costume and you instantly have a girls costume. I love this! Original pinner says: Add a tutu on any boy costume & it becomes a girl costume. For all those little girls that like to be super heros too. Love this idea!love it!

I might do something like this in green so Charlotte can be the hulk. Green shirt and leggins with a purple tutu...Bahhh, I'm just not sure!

Supergirl Super Hero Girl Tutu Costume I really like the way this was done and I think I could adapt it for any superhero :)

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Not-wearing-a-skirt-for-no-reason Supergirl. | What Would Fully-Clothed Female Superheroes LookLike?

Fully-Clothed Female Superheroes By Michael Lee Lunsford. I love Supergirl fully clothed.

Superman costume for toddler

Dress up and play

Halloween Superman / Clark Kent Superman is my favorite. If I only had a boy he would so b superman for halloween!

Princess Batman. | Definitive Proof That Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superhero Costumes Than You

Definitive Proof That Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superhero Costumes. I might be Princess Batman one year for halloween

Batgirl und Supergirl // #love #comics #lesbian // ♥ (18+) ♥

Teenage Anime-Style Avengers

"Girl's Finest" (a riff on the Batman-Superman team-up book "World's Finest") by artist Ricken. Stephanie Brown (Batgirl) and Kara Zor-El (Supergirl).