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"Spring grew into summer, and the rhythm of my life now included Nell. I carried Christian with me as I gathered sticks, piling branches into the bundles I carried on my back to the village that night. Nell’s secret thyme beds and her mint were deep in the woods, out by the chuckling stream that disappeared underground. She danced in the sunlight and the shade." — from the novel Sinful Folk

SINFUL FOLK - A Novel of the Middle Ages

Daisy! (The only flower my Mom would ask for...I picked many a bouquet for her when I was little, she loved them, oh how I miss her)':

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.I am a wild flower. But if you know how to grow me then you will know im never gone unless you constantly poison me.... or you can fertilize me and have a beautiful garden!!!!!!!! And will never leave!!!!!!

Flea market finds ♥ | Ishtar Olivera

great idea for flower vases. perfect to line a table down the center for a sweet birthday celebration.

Strawberry Shortcake