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A GIF Guide to Figure Skaters' Jumps at the Olympics - The Wire

Let's make no bones about it: the headlining sport in the Winter Olympics is figure skating. No other sport comes close to the drama, the athletes, the subplots, and politics that figure skating has.

I love looking at the patterns spins make.

Looking at the spin patterns you make on the ice and measuring distance jumped from take-off to landing :~) <<< I always tell my sister hers looks like a squashed bug

J'aime la patinage artistique parce que j'ai comment les patins glisse sur la glace.

Nothing like a new beautiful pair of skates! ♡♡♡Need to update my boots but my pattern 99 blades from England are in excellent shape! Inner Edge on Portage, here I come! Another x-mas gift to myself!