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Specialty Bakeware

Chicago Metallic goes beyond to create special pans so you can really wow your fans in the kitchen!
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a bundt cake with powdered sugar on top and strawberries next to it
This Ribbon Loaf Pan from Chicago Metallic is sure to create an impression!
an image of food being served on the table for people to enjoy them at home
Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Make 3 different lasagna dinners in one pan. $24.95
the chicago metalic pizza has pepperoni and green peppers on it's crust
Gimme a little quiche! The Chicago Metallic Quiche Pan creates a perfect professional edge, worthy of your favorite bistro!
an image of a salad in a pie pan with the chicago metallic logo on it
Perfect for salads or dips, homemade Tortilla Bowls! Chicago Metallic Tortilla Shell Pan
three rectangular trays filled with different types of food and the words chicago metallic written above them
Perfect for game day, this Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio pan means no one loses out!
there are many cupcakes and muffin tins on the table
Teeny tiny teacakes that you can fill and decorate to your taste? Yes!! Chicago Metallic Teacake Pan
six stuffed peppers in a muffin tin with the words chicago metallic written above them
The Stuff It Up Pan is great for things like stuffed peppers. It keeps them in great shape and keeps things clean!
two pie pans with different toppings on them, one in the shape of a pie
This Split Pie Pan from Chicago Metallic lets you be of two minds when it comes to choosing fillings!
a pan filled with meatballs sitting on top of a red tablecloth next to a sign that says chicago metallic
This Meatball Maker from Chicago Metallic keeps your meatballs in shape and the drippings contained.
four desserts on a white plate with cinnamon sticks in the middle and frosting
Chicago Metallic
With our specialty bakeware, you can turn your homemade baked goods into bakery-ready desserts. Easily create stand-up individual cakes with molded pans or bake mini desserts for the perfect party favory. Our specialty bakeware is great for hearty fare as well, and it can enhance anything from a warm baked breakfast to a perfectly portioned appetizer or dessert.
the chicago metallic cupcake pan is shown in front of an image of some pastries
Chicago Metallic
With its unique dome-shaped design, the Stuffed Delights pan easily creates a suite of stuffed treats that won’t lose their filling when sandwiched together. The Stuffed Delights pan is non-stick for easy release, and dishwasher-safe for simple cleanup. The only hard part left is figuring out how to fill your treats!
chicago metalic ice tray with six cupcake pans in it and the words chicago metallic
Chicago Metallic
The new Stuff It Up™ pan holds stuffed foods upright while baking eliminating slouching, spills, and messes. From delicious stuffed peppers or tomatoes to stuffed artichokes and apples, this new pan is a practical addition to any kitchen.
a pink and white square shaped tray with lines on it
Chicago Metallic
Our Square Silicone Baking/Cutting Mat makes cutting easy as 1,2,3. Simply place the mat in your square 8 x 8” or 9 x 9” pan and bake your favorite brownies, cakes, marshmallows or other desserts up to 350°F. Then, easily lift the mat out and cut 3 different serving sizes perfectly with set gridlines.
an aluminum tray with compartments and handles
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The secret to perfect brownies is the Slice Solutions Brownie Pan. This one-of-a-kind pan uses an ingenious metal divider to pre-slice brownies as they bake. The 3-piece non-stick set makes baking brownies quick and easy with perfect results every time. Simply pour batter into the pan, insert the divider, bake and serve. You no longer need to use a knife.