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there is a cake with orange flowers on it and the words party palettes are in bold colors
Fall color scheme #colorpalette
a party table with cupcakes, cake and other desserts on it in pastel colors
Eee! This color palette makes me so happy! #colorpalette #partyideas
there is a cake with flowers on it and the colors are pink, green, yellow, and blue
Beautiful pastel floral cake #colorpalette
a white plate topped with donuts on top of a pink and green table cloth
Fun color palette, inspired by donuts :) #colorpalette
a blue cake with flowers on it and the words party palettek above it
Tropical inspired party palette #colorpalette
a long table has pink and white flowers in vases on it, along with silverware
The pinks, greens, and taupe in this party table are so romantic and sweet! #colorpalette
the color scheme for this party palette is peach, brown, and orange with an assortment of umbrellas
Fall party #colorpalette
a party table with presents on it and the colors are blue, green, pink, and white
Confetti party #colorpalette
a sign that is sitting in the sand near some flowers and cake on a table
Party Palette: Ice cream social beach party #colorpalette
a party with pastel colors and decorations
Sorbet-colored dessert table from Minted & Vintage #colorpalette
an image of a party palette with cake and paper fan decorations on the wall behind it
Party Palette: Neon and neutral #colorpalette
an assortment of desserts are displayed in front of a cake and cupcake display
Party Palette: Bright, bold and black #colorpalette