Keep Calm Quotes

Keep Calm Quotes

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Keep calm and Bazinga!!

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Find the little prince

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  • Cuteness Safari
    Cuteness Safari

    He will save us all!

It's almost Christmas..

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  • Sophie Navarro
    Sophie Navarro


  • Becky Lund & Associates
    Becky Lund & Associates

    and take deep breathes

Good Morning!

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beach day

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  • Deborah Bowling
    Deborah Bowling

    I'm putting this on my desk and on my fridge at home!

  • Cissy1684

    Let's panic and really be at the beach!!! lol

  • Erica Terrazas
    Erica Terrazas


  • Kathy Hawley
    Kathy Hawley

    that is the best motto!

Dream Big!

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it is

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Keep Cal #poster #keepcalmandcarryon

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  • Shara Lozier
    Shara Lozier

    love it!

  • Crys Zacho
    Crys Zacho

    that's hilarious!!

  • Milieu Home Goods
    Milieu Home Goods


  • Christine Smith
    Christine Smith

    Keep calm and watch Dexter!

  • ★ Leonid Adamyan ★
    ★ Leonid Adamyan ★

    Pinterest,I need dislike button

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works for me!

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  • Kate Lysejko
    Kate Lysejko

    BAHAHA this made me think of SIIIIMBAA hahaha

  • Eulalia Larrett
    Eulalia Larrett

    love this


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I love the Beach

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  • Kathryn Goertzen
    Kathryn Goertzen

    especially on 'snow days'

  • Mary Ann Ottenberg
    Mary Ann Ottenberg

    Yes, love this!

  • Christa Zimmermann
    Christa Zimmermann

    Mari Small

  • Katie Eastman
    Katie Eastman

    Oh, how the beach calms me!

  • Geralyn Tondo-Steele
    Geralyn Tondo-Steele

    Summmerrr with Candace Shives

Hakuna Matata baby

Keep Calm Photo: keep calm an Hakuna Matata

my moto

She Exists: Keep Calm and ... 50 Images


KellieGonzo: ABOUT ME
  • Clare Cornillie
    Clare Cornillie

    Cathryn Curoe. this and the eminem one framed next to each other?

Shopping is therapeutic.

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  • Patty Johnson-Valtierra
    Patty Johnson-Valtierra

    This should me my new moto! LOL

  • Jodie Aspirot
    Jodie Aspirot

    This is my new motto.

  • Karen Jones
    Karen Jones

    Helps me every time!

  • Allison Tarwater
    Allison Tarwater

    I just saw this at Target!

  • Pat Wilkinson
    Pat Wilkinson

    Yes !!

Keep Calm and EAT Cupcakes!

Rebecca Newport: Prints

.. eat a delicious cookie

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Smooch! (the only keep calm poster worthy of a pin!)

Lolly Jane- Craft tutorials & DIY home decor: Keep Calm ♥ Kiss On

(haters gonna hate)

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beach mantra

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my favorite "keep calm"

Inspire Bohemia: Keep Calm and Carry On... and Make Coffee!!
  • Pamela Hendrix
    Pamela Hendrix

    Love this