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very clever.

The creator of these logos has used a unique approach to typography. By playing with and arranging letters, very creative logos were formed. These simple, yet interesting logos are an example of the power that typography can have in design.

It's always too early to quit by Hos

This is probably number 1 on the list of typography things that Abby cannot do because her hand is not steady. But it's so awesome and I wish I could make something this cool. It's always too early to quit by Hos

Would make a really effective yearbook cover - 2012// This uses paper/card held up on its side to create the shape of letters. I think this is visually very strong, however simple. It has a simple concept, which makes it stand out. // How else could you use paper to make lettering? Tear it? Print with it? Collage it?//

Why not a similar cover for the Annual Report? Cover for a 2012 calendar by graphic designer Juanjo G. Oller of Milimbo. via Kickcan & Conkers